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Posted on 6 March, 2017 in Community

Mingara Aquatics Squad Coach- Brett



  • Bachelor of Education. Majoring in Sports Science
  • Studied Biomechanics at a college level
  • ASCTA and Austswim accreditation
  • Austswim competitive strokes accreditation
  • First aid and resuscitation accreditation



  • 25 yrs classroom teaching
  • 10 yrs NSW Department of Sport and Recreation
  • 10 yrs teaching swimming


What do you love about Learn to Swim?

  • Seeing the sense of achievement in the children
  • Actively making a contribution to the lives of others
  • Working in a happy and positive atmosphere


A tip for your first lesson

Take your child down to the pool before the first lesson. If you can, meet with the swimming teacher so your child will remember them at the first lesson. Make sure your child has had something to eat in advance of their lesson. Most importantly, don’t worry, everything is going to be great.


Favourite place to swim on the Central Coast?

Soldiers Beach, and of course, Mingara Aquatics.

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