New Year’s Resolutions – throw them out!

Almost everyone starts the new year with a new year’s resolution. But they’re so negative! The words ‘resolve’ and ‘resolution’ have so many negative connotations — like there’s always something to be fixed. Why not set some new year’s goals instead? Goals are empowering and positive. They are all about what we will do, not … Continued

Famous Australian Swimmers: A History of Swimming in Australia

Down Under, we are lucky to have a long list of Famous Australian Swimmers. Our national obsession with the water means Australia punches well above its weight in the swimming stakes. For such a small nation, we far outperform other countries in the pool. But above all, we just love the water. From the earliest … Continued

Melbourne Cup Dresses 2018 – Last Minute Ideas

Melbourne Cup 2018 is only a week away, and if you haven’t decided on an outfit yet, you may be starting to panic. Don’t panic! Instead, read our trusty guide and find out how to get a fabulous Melbourne Cup Dress for 2018 sorted with zero fuss and stress…

How to sleep better

The team at Mingara One Fitness wants everyone to benefit from better sleep. To help you crack out the zeds, they’ve drawn on all their health and wellbeing knowledge to bring you this guide on how to sleep better.

Best reusable coffee cups

At Mingara, we firmly believe it’s everybody’s responsibility to help keep our planet healthy. To help you keep up your end of the deal, we have tracked down the best reusable coffee cups so you can reduce unnecessary waste.

How to play electronic bingo

Overheard people talking about their PETs lately? Chances are they’re not goldfish! Most likely, they’re our new PET9 electronic bingo devices. PETs (Programmable Electronic Tickets) make it fun and easy to play bingo. We’ve put together a quick guide on how to play electronic bingo using the PET9 machines.

Top 10 pizza arguments: pizza crust, toppings and more

We know, everyone loves pizza. But that means everyone has an opinion, too. We’ve compiled the top 10 arguments about all things pizza so you can put an end to them. Or start your own, it’s up to you! Pizza makes the world go round There are few foods in the world (or even just … Continued

Mingara Aquatics Instructor – Karen

Qualifications Austswim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Austswim Teacher of Infants and Pre-school Austswim Competitive Strokes accreditation Certificate III in Children’s Services Austswim Teacher of Access and Inclusions   Experience I have taught learn to swim classes for the last 18 years at Mingara Aquatics Assisted the Coaching staff with Junior Squad training Lifeguard … Continued

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