Dragon’s top ten hit, April Sun in Cuba turns 40 this year. Celebrate with Dragon as they play the Countdown hits at Mingara Recreation Club. 
Dragon celebrates the 40th anniversary of April Sun in Cuba …oh-oh-oh… this year and will be touring Australia with their ‘Dragon – The Countdown Years’ tour.

What was Countdown?

To be honest, if you have to ask this question you should only ask it quietly! Countdown was a ground-breaking weekly Australian music television show that aired from 1974 until 1987.
Countdown was the most popular music entertainment program in Australian television history.
Blast from the past.
Watch Dragon live on Countdown!

Featuring Australian and International music acts each week, the show played a crucial part in the success of many Australian artists including Kylie Minogue, Marcia Hines, Olivia Newton-John, Mark Holden, and John Paul Young.

Dragon is, in fact, a bunch of Kiwis!

Dragon, in particular, found great success after appearances on Countdown. Forming in Auckland, New Zealand in 1972, the band relocated to Sydney and became support act to Status Quo in 1975. In 1977, ‘April Sun in Cuba’ (Happy 40th Birthday) hit number two on the Australian Charts and in 1978, they had number one success with ‘Are you Old Enough?’ featured on the album ‘O Zambezi’.
From then on, Australians claimed them as theirs…Crowded House style.
With all their success, the Dragon band suffered tragic losses, and a number of line-up changes took place over the years. Brothers Todd and the late Marc Hunter are the longest serving members to this day. Marc was lead vocalist between 1974 until his untimely passing in 1988.
Since 2006, Mark Williams has fronted the Dragon band alongside Todd Hunter, Bruce Reid and Peter Drummond. In 2008, they were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

Dragon celebrates the classics.

The catalogue of artists who performed on Countdown is legendary, with INXS, Sherbet, Skyhooks, The Angels, Men at Work, Icehouse, Australian Crawl, AC/DC, Mental As Anything, Little River Band, The Choirboys and Dragon, just some who rose to fame after featuring on the program.
Dragon is on the road once more, celebrating their success on Countdown. The show’s playlist includes their classics; Rain, Still In Love, Speak No Evil, Dreams, This Time, Young Years, Sunshine, April Sun In Cuba, Celebrate and Are You Old Enough?
Add to this John Paul Young’s ‘Yesterday’s Hero’, Little River Band’s ‘Help Is On Its Way’, as well as ‘It’s a Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll)’ by ACDC and ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?’ by The Angels and you have the ‘Dragon Celebrates the Countdown Chartbusters’ show.

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So many classics make Dragon at Mingara Recreation Club a standout Central Coast event. The music of the Countdown era will be stuck in your head for weeks!
Mingara Recreation Club is proud to present ‘Dragon Celebrates Australian Chartbusters’ on Saturday 29 April. What a month to celebrate the 40th anniversary of April Sun In Cuba!
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