Are you planning your events for the new year? Meet Camilla Galagher, the Event Sales and Marketing Officer at Mingara Events. Here Camilla shares some great tips for planning and booking events and share a little bit of fun about who she is and why she loves working in the events industry.

What has surprised you most about working with Mingara?

Mingara Recreation Club offers the most diverse range of facilities for their members and guests I have seen. Any pre-conceived ideas I had of what an average “club” looked like were dismissed within minutes of arriving at Mingara. Mingara offers their guests the very best restaurants, entertainment, corporate packages, function rooms, kids activities, promotions, and state-of-the-art sport and fitness facilities. When I mentioned my new role to a friend who was born and raised in Sydney in the early 1970’s, he told me stories of Mingara’s success from day one. Mingara Recreation Club was the largest and most impressive club to have been built in many years, and the foresight demonstrated by the community members who set the original idea in motion was shown to be an even greater success by the enormous number of Sydney-siders that made the drive north most weekends to be a part of it all.
Camilla in The Roasted Berry

The favourite event you have worked on?

Melbourne Cup luncheon. To see the Show Room transformed into a race day wonderland was incredible. I feel grateful it was one of the first events I attended in my new role with the club, to have the opportunity to witness one of the club’s biggest annual events come together with such precision and flare was a real thrill. To see the level of organisation and energy with which the events staff prepared and facilitated the day left me with no doubt I had joined an exceptional team, and my role as the sales and marketing officer was going to be a great deal of fun.
Check out the gallery from Melbourne Cup Day here.

What do you wish other people knew about Mingara?

The club’s dedication and enormous contribution to the Central Coast community. Mingara invests the time to learn the extent of what the organisation does for all facets of the community and this really blew me away. In 2016 alone, Mingara proudly contributed over $14.6 million in Central Coast community grants to local charities, sporting groups and organisations. They are steadfastly committed to giving back to the local people who have made the club the place it is today.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I grew up on a property in New England and learnt to ride a motorbike when I was four.

What are exciting things happening in events these days?

The Events Centre has undergone a large number of changes over the past six months, including a complete review of all the event package options, menus and procedures surrounding event planning and execution. Many clients who I have been in contact with, and have not used Mingara’s event facilities for some time have responded very positively to the changes and shown renewed interest in considering Mingara for future events.

Favourite coffee?

Skim latte – Extra Large

As an events person, what sorts of trends do you see?

The popularity of smartphones has ignited the live-tweet trend. Instead of asking people to switch their phones off, organisers are asking people to keep them on. They want attendees to share insight from their meetings and events, as another avenue for brand promotion. Networking has always been seen as an integral element to the success of any business, but 2017 has really seen it take off. Some people actually attend events not for the discussions, but for the networking opportunities. Networking is a great way to meet key players, be motivated, and keep up with trends. Additionally, event managers are realising that the quality of networking is a useful measurement with which they can gauge the success of their event.

Some common errors people make when booking events.

People need to consider the amount of time required for both setting up and packing up their events and ensure they allow for this when confirming the length of time required for room hire. Just as importantly, be very careful not to overestimate or underestimate your number of guests by too great a margin. The number of guests attending your event will determine the size of the event space you hire as well as the amount of food and beverages you will cater. Over accommodating guests in a venue that is too small can take the enjoyment out of your event, and lack of food and beverages can leave your guests hungry and unhappy. Similarly, you wouldn’t want a half-empty venue with food going to waste.

How would someone describe you?

Open and empathetic, with a tendency to be incredibly trusting of everyone. In addition, many people would describe me as organised and very particular – and while these are not ideal traits given I live with a toddler and teenager, they have proved to be considerably beneficial working in the events industry.

What do you do when you aren’t working?

I am very much a home-body, so whether I’m by myself or surrounded by family and friends, I love nothing more than being at home having a long BBQ lunch or spending an afternoon in the garden. I enjoy being outdoors, so my husband and I love to take our toddler for bushwalks, to the beach or just to ride his bike in the park.

What else can you tell me about Mingara Events?

The staff in the events team here at Mingara are so passionate about what they do it is really something special to watch them working through all stages of the event management process, whilst maintaining a perfect balance of organisation and creativity. Jess and Michelle have this amazing ability to view every event (big or small, corporate or personal) as it’s own special occasion, ensuring each function is planned to a T and every client is delivered a service above and beyond their expectations.

Top 3 speakers you would love to hear from?

  • Holly Ransom – CEO of Emergent and leader in the fields of disruptive strategy and change management within organisations. To hold positions of enormous responsibility with both Rio Tinto and the Australian Government (hand-picked by Rudd and Abbott) all before the age of 24 tells me Holly would have some incredible words of wisdom to share.
  • Yvonne Bornstein – Melbourne businesswoman who (along with her husband) was kidnapped, tortured, abused & then rescued over a harrowing 11 days in Russia in 1992. They were dramatically rescued by the newly formed Russian Security agency (successor of KGB) following collaborations with the FBI.
  • Richard Branson – one of the greatest and most influential entrepreneurs’s the world has seen. To have the opportunity to hear how he learnt to take business risks from a very young age and identify market gaps across a broad range of industries would be absolutely incredible. To allow his experiences to help me identify my greatest strengths and weaknesses in terms of business and marketing, and adopt some of the strategies he uses within different situations to ensure I continue to work towards my professional and personal goals.

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