Mingara’s Lucky 7’s is here. Remember being called out in your local club or school to spin a wheel and win a prize? Well, at Mingara Recreation Club, we’ve bought back the wheel and it’s time for you to win!

What can you win?

The big wheel has cash, cash and more cash to be won, with one of the wedges being a jackpot!
Every Wednesday and Sunday night, five lucky members will be drawn out and will have the chance to spin and win.
If you name is called out, you will walk away a winner.

Who doesn’t love to spin and win

A gorgeous flashing wheel is a staple in any big game promotion!
If you have been a member of Mingara for a long time, you’ll know just how much our wheel has given away over the years! It has been part of the furniture for so long. We’re not sure what stories it could tell…
A quick facelift and the wheel is poised and primed for Mingara’s Lucky 7’s.

What’s on the wheel?

There is a grand total of 50 wedges on the wheel – meaning 50 ways to win!
Mini = $50
Minor = $125
Maxi = $250
Then the fun part! Our Major Wedge is worth $500. How good would that be?
Then finally, our Jackpot wedge is named ‘Grand’ and will climb each draw night.
Starting at $500, if not won, the jackpot will increase by $500 each draw night. This could potentially be a $25,000 jackpot!

How do you get the chance to win?

Every member of Mingara can be part of Mingara’s Lucky 7’s.


Members can swipe their membership card at the Rewards Kiosk and will receive one entry each day.


Spend your Mingara Reward points throughout the club. For every 100 points you spend, you will receive one entry into the draw.

Enter the draw

You can pick and choose which draw night you would like to enter! You can redeem your entries on any Wednesday or Sunday night by 7 pm. You can redeem one or 100 or more, it is up to you which night you would like to be a part of. Those entries that you redeem will only be eligible for that night’s draw.
You will definitely know you’re in with a chance because you choose what nights draw you want to be part of it!

Set your alarm

Every Wednesday and Sunday night, the draws will commence at 7.30 pm and Mingara Recreation Club will draw 5 lucky winners.
At 7.30 pm, 7.45 pm, 8 pm, 8.15 pm and 8.30 pm, make sure you are in the club and present yourself to the Mingara Promotions team at the Lucky 7’s display within four minutes!
The lucky member will then spin the Lucky 7’s Wheel and win the amount the wheel stops at. It’s that simple!

Ready to play?

Get your spinning arm ready! Start warming up and make sure you are swiping your membership card at the Rewards Kiosks located in the foyer and spending your Mingara Rewards Points throughout the Club for more chances!
Not a member? Don’t panic! It is simple to join Mingara.
The Lucky 7’s wheel is ready to give you cash. Now all you need to do is… decide when you’re coming to play.
How to play Lucky 7’s