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Posted on 27 March, 2017 in Community

Mingara Aquatics Instructor – Ashley

By Thitchener Bryce


  •  Austswim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety
  •  Teacher of Competitive Strokes


  • 6.5 Years as a Learn to Swim Instructor
  • 4 Years Competitive Coaching

What do you love about Learn to Swim?

The looks on the kids face when they learn to do something new. The enjoyment the kids get out
of swimming and knowing I am teaching them a skill for life.

A tip for your first lesson.

Go for a family fun session at the pool where the lesson will be taking place. This is great for getting them used to being in the water with other people and to be around a familiar place where their swimming lessons will be held.  If possible try and meet the new teacher before their first lesson.

Favourite place to swim on the Central Coast?

Soldiers Beach

More about Learn to Swim

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