Ever wanted to get a great coffee with a bite to eat that contributes to the training and education of youth in the Central Coast community? Visit the OASIS Kitchen, and you can do just that.

What is the Oasis Kitchen?

The Oasis Youth Centre has built the pop-up style, OASIS Kitchen. The cafe operates as a vocational training facility offering a high-quality café service. Trained barista made coffee, extensive café style menu options for lunch, morning and afternoon tea will be available. The café also services local businesses with corporate catering packages.

Where can I find it?

The OASIS Kitchen is located on the leafy grounds of the Hely Street Oasis Centre in Wyong.

How did the Kitchen pop-up?

The Oasis Youth Centre proudly opened the Oasis pop-up cafe, OASIS Kitchen, with the assistance of a donation from Mingara Recreation Club, in May 2017.

Contributing to the Central Coast Community

Mingara is committed to making a significant contribution to the quality of the Central Coast community. Each year, Mingara’s Christmas Under the Stars raises funds for projects in the local community. Proceeds from the 2016 Christmas event were donated to The Salvation Army on the Central Coast. This community funding was then allocated to launch the OASIS Kitchen. Additional funding was also provided by a number community-based organisations.

More than just a café

At present Oasis Youth Centre is proud to have, 15 students who are enrolled in the Certificate II in Kitchen Operations and a Certificate III in Hospitality. The program is partnered with Booth College; The Salvation Army Registered Training Organisation.
The development of the OASIS Kitchen from a dream to reality will allow for the expansion of the Oasis Youth Centre’s vocational training services.
Watch the official opening of the OASIS Kitchen here.

How can you contribute?

Buying coffee and a bite to eat from the OASIS Kitchen will satisfy more than your stomach. The team at Oasis live and breath how important it is to support young people in our local community to live independent and productive lives. They require qualifications that offer meaningful employability skills. The training programs through the Centre and the Kitchen provide exactly those qualifications and skills. The OASIS Kitchen provides exceptional, hands-on training to more students than ever before. The program facilitator and Head Chef ensure the delivery of practical and theoretical instruction. All educational components are conveniently delivered on site. What better way to learn than in a thriving café business in your own community. For the young people on the Central Coast desperately seeking positive, life-changing opportunities – the OASIS Kitchen is the perfect fit. The café enables Oasis Wyong to open new student intakes each month.

The community Oasis

The importance of the vocational training aspect of the business was the key motivation for the new café, the value of wider implications on the community is also important. While the first phase of the dream has come true. Oasis will look to build their OASIS Kitchen community. The vision for OASIS Kitchen is that it will be a socially inclusive hive of activity where families, friends and colleagues can come together to enjoy fabulous food and service in amongst the tranquil setting of the beautiful edible garden. The wish is that OASIS Kitchen will be the community’s Oasis.

What time is it open?

OASIS Kitchen will be trading from 8 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday. They offer a range of coffees, hot chocolates, milkshakes, breakfasts, sandwiches, light meals and hot meals.

Need catering?

The local community can order their catering through OASIS Kitchen. There are five different menus to choose. The needy within the Central Coast community benefit from the profits.
Menu on a clipboard at Oasis Kitchen

What is the Oasis Youth Centre?

The Salvation Army Oasis Youth Centre at Wyong first opened in November 1999. The collaboration between The Salvation Army, local and federal government and local community members allowed for the development of the centre which would provide a range of required services to young people in the local community. Services included counselling, education and training, case management, sports and recreation, work placements and other welfare support.
An oasis for the community.
The Oasis Youth Centre has evolved. It is now a multi-purpose community centre meeting the needs of the broader community too.
Over 200 volunteers and 14 staff deliver programs including:

  • A community shop
  • A community meals program
  • Shower and laundry facilities for the homeless
  • Vocational and training programs
  • Social programs
  • Hot lunch for everyone
    Each Wednesday Oasis hosts a lunch for the community. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a hot, nutritious lunch. The lunch offers the chance to meet other people and connect to a very supportive network. Some free bread or fruit and veg may also be available for those who need it.
  • Love to dance?
    Street Dreams provides inspiration, support and a creative avenue for youth to realise their full potential. The music and dance program has been designed to engage, educate and empower. The class brings a positive and encouraging vibe to the Oasis!
    Don’t miss it on Mondays between 4 pm and 5 pm.
    Register here or just turn up ready to be involved.

Driving for life

For some kids, the thought of achieving the required number of hours driving practice seems almost unachievable. Trying to get work and function within the Central Coast community without a driver’s license can be limiting.
The Drive for Life program through the Oasis Youth Centre offers discounted 3,5, and ten pack lesson deals with a qualified instructor. Volunteer driving mentors assist young people to achieve their total driving hours required, and there are additional Road Safety sessions.
Drive for Life makes that 120 hours achievable.
Contact Oasis (02) 4353 9799 for more information.

Random Oasis facts

• Did you know the plural of an oasis is oases?
• One of the largest oasis is the Kharga Oasis in Egypt – over 100 miles long!
• The definition of an oasis is an area of the desert with a water source, supporting plant and animal life.
Oasis Youth Centre offers an oasis for the Central Coast community. They are a source of assistance, support, education, training and quite often the essentials for everyday living. They support the local community and are reliant upon community funding, small or large, like the Mingara Christmas Under the Stars donation.
Mingara Recreation Club’s Sports and Community Manager, Sarah Ferman said the pop-up café was an exciting community focused project.
“Mingara has worked closely with The Salvation Army and Oasis Wyong over some years, and we are thrilled to see this project come to fruition.
“We urge the local community to support OASIS Kitchen. Oasis Wyong is committed to helping young people make positive change every day and here’s a chance for you to be part of that journey – it’s not often that your morning coffee can enrich someone’s life!”, says Ms Ferman.

Need some support?

Could your community organisation need some funding or support?
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