Did you know that if you have been swiping your Mingara Rewards membership card in our Reward Kiosks and swiping your Mingara Rewards membership card throughout the venue for purchases such as food, beverage, bingo, raffle tickets and more …then you have been accruing Mingara Reward points.

Why not use your Reward Points today?

Your Reward Points do expire every year so make sure you use them throughout the year to access your great rewards.

How do you check your balance?

Checking your points balance is easy. Simply head to one of the Rewards Kiosks located near the Welcome Desk.

    • Swipe your card,
    • Enter your pin
    • Push button to view your points balance
    • Simply ask one of the Mingara team to assist you.

How to spend your Mingara Reward Points.

Gift vouchers

You can redeem your points for Mingara vouchers – Mingara vouchers have a 90-day expiry date, perfect for gifts or use to enjoy a meal at one of Mingara’s restaurants and cafes.

Gift cards

Ask one of the staff to direct you to our gift card vending machine. The machine is stocked with Westfield, Coles-Myer and Wish gift cards. Spoil yourself or someone special!

Paying bills

Get a hand with those pesky bills. Follow the instructions above to redeem your points for Mingara vouchers and then visit the conveniently located Post Office within the entry of Mingara. Pay off your electricity or gas bills and more*

Treating yourself

Next time you are in Indigo – Eats, Treats & Bar or The Roasted Berry why not use your points to pay for your meal. You may like to visit the Reward Shop to select your favourite bottle of wine, craft beer or spirit. You can also pay with points and cash if you need to. Treat yourself!

Reward Shop

The Reward Shop also stocks a range of beer, wine, cider, spirits and craft beers. Grab your bread and milk or even a sneaky box of chocolates or Freddo Frog.  Why not pop in and spend your Reward Points on something to brighten your day.

Ask our friendly staff

Just ask any of the friendly Mingara team how you can access your #greatrewards today.
*Mingara vouchers cannot be used to pay off credit card bills.