Here at Mingara Recreation Club, we have been fielding plenty of enquiries about what our neighbours at Mingara Medical are up to, so we had a chat with the team at Mingara Medical to find out all the news.  

They have outgrown their building.

Ten doctors, three nurses and twelve staff provide care to our local residents, seven days a week. The new building will expand to ten consultation rooms, a dedicated treatment area and two procedure rooms.

When will the new building be ready?

According to Mingara Medical, the construction is progressing well with hopes of opening the doors towards the end of 2017.

Photo: Matt Bendt


More than a traditional GP practice.

The second floor will host an Allied Health practice with a wide range of therapists and selected specialists. Central Coast Neurosciences will provide a comprehensive Neurology service and

Is the Chemist Outlet moving too?

Yes. The Chemist Outlet will also expand into the bigger premises.

What about the old building?

The building’s future is yet to be determined.
We will keep you updated with further developments as we have them.
*Update with thanks to Dr Quinten Willemse, a GP at Mingara Medical, where we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to Better Health