We know, everyone loves pizza. But that means everyone has an opinion, too. We’ve compiled the top 10 arguments about all things pizza so you can put an end to them. Or start your own, it’s up to you!

Pizza makes the world go round

central coast pizza
There are few foods in the world (or even just on the Central Coast) that can be eaten from early morning breakfast to a late midnight snack. There are even fewer foods that can be served either hot or cold and keep the same level of deliciousness. And there are still even fewer foods that are universally enjoyed by virtually everyone on the planet. If the first food that came to mind was a round piece of dough with some gooey cheese and zesty tomato sauce in the middle, then your mind is in the right place. It’s pizza!
Pizza is perhaps one of the greatest culinary inventions of all time. Starting in Italy in the 10th century (although there were many global iterations before then, but not the Italian pizza style we are most familiar with), pizza has spread to almost every corner of the earth. Pizza probably arrived on the Central Coast in the 1960s. There are countless doughs, styles, crusts, toppings, and sauces to customise each slice. Meat lover or vegetarian, there’s a pizza for all palates.
However, with great pizza power comes great pizza responsibility. Such an influential food can’t come without disagreement. There are countless arguments associated with nearly every aspect. From which topping is best to the shape of the pizza, everyone wants a say. Here at Mingara Recreation Club, we want to tackle these arguments head on. Our very own Hadley’s is now serving a tasty array of Central Coast pizzas and beyond. We want to use our newfound pizza knowledge to enlighten all levels of pizza lovers. We’ve listed the top 10 pizza arguments to try and help you make some decisions.

Top 10 pizza controversies and arguments

central coast pizza

1) Deep dish vs. thin crust

Some argue that deep dish ruins the integrity and purpose of a pizza. Others fight that thin crust cannot provide the flavours and substance that a deep dish can. Either way, both spectrums can get heated. We break down both sides:

Deep dish

While not the traditional style of pizza people envision, it can hold its water. Many believe that a pizza was made to pick up and eat wherever you go. However, its customary to eat pizza in Italy with a fork and knife. Hence why pizzas are served piping hot (too hot to pick up, at least) at authentic Italian pizza joints. If anything, deep dish pizza is more authentic than thin crust. In terms of eating style, anyway.
Also, many people think that there is too much sauce and toppings. Pizzas are made to be the perfect balance between pizza dough, sauce and toppings, not an overloaded mush of them all. On the other hand, a drizzle of tomato sauce and a pinch’s worth of mozzarella may not satisfy everyone’s cravings. Deep dish pizzas are a true meal, not a light snack. You don’t have to eat an entire pizza to feel you get your money’s worth. If you’re looking for more than a slice or two to hold you over, then deep dish is the way to go.

Thin crust

A staple at most Central Coast pizza joints. The classic iteration of the classic Italian pizza. A thin, crispy pizza dough and crust topped with the perfect amount of zesty sauce and delicious cheese. To many, it’s perfect. But to others, thin crust can’t satisfy their pizza needs. The main argument is that there just simply isn’t enough pizza there. The pizza dough is too flaky. It’s like biting a cracker rather than a hearty slice.
But those who argue these points are missing the most important objective of eating pizza. Satisfaction. You don’t need to stuff your belly to the brim to enjoy a pizza. When the flavours you desire are there, that’s all that matters. If you just want to snack on a slice or two, sobeit. If you want the whole thing, that’s okay too. There should be no judgement in the pizza realm. It comes down to how you want to enjoy your slices. Thick and hearty or light and crisp, there is no right or wrong.

2) Anchovies – yes or no?

central coast pizza
Perhaps a more minor argument, but important nonetheless. This one usually comes up when everyone’s huddled up around the phone or computer trying to decide what toppings they should get. There’s two votes for pepperoni, one vote for Hawaiian, and then there’s the guy who asks for anchovies. Usually people turn and look at the bloke who requested such a disgusting item with a face of pure terror and resentment. This has led many people to just forget about the topping altogether. Or at least assume it should never belong on a pizza.
Despite the negative stigma, anchovies are a completely viable topping option. It all depends on your flavour combinations. Are they meant to be the only topping? No (unless you’re in to that, we won’t judge!). Can they accent many other popular additions? Absolutely. Anchovies are quite salty, so pairing them with other toppings like tomatoes or even pineapple can make a nice balance. Plus, anchovies have been served on them since the first Italian pizzas. So even if many people don’t like them, they’re still on the menu for tradition. All in all, anchovies get a bad rep. They can add a tasty new layer of flavour to a variety of pizzas. So how can you satisfy anchovies guy? Try half and half, or maybe not.

3) Should half and half be allowed?

Is splitting toppings half and half the perfect compromise for even the most aggressive arguments? Well, some beg to differ. It may not be a huge issue in Central Coast pizza places, but it’s always there. People think that splitting toppings again ruins the integrity of a pizza. Every condiment placed on the pizza dough should complement one another. Shrimp and pepperoni should never be on the same pizza.
While the argument is valid, splitting halves is a selfless act. It’s not about you anymore. There are other people that would like to enjoy their favourite pizza toppings just as much as you do. If you still can’t stand the idea, then just order another pizza. But if you want to save money – and friendships – then just split it. Your senses will get over it.

4) Stuffed crust – a crime against pizza?

It all depends on who the officer is. To some, stuffed crust is the greatest culinary feat ever. To others, it’s a gimmick used to sell lower quality pizzas. You won’t find many stuffed crust pizzas in the heart of Naples, Italy. But there are many options elsewhere across the globe, including here at Central Coast pizza places.
It’s nearly impossible to find a classic Italian or New York style pizza with a stuffed crust. And that’s on purpose. Those classic iterations have a legacy to uphold and can’t be experimenting with such radical changes like cheese in the crust. That’s why many pizza chains have adopted the idea and created their own versions. Although, this is the reason many people don’t like it. They think pizza should be kept the way it’s been for hundreds of years. A crisp crust filled with pizza dough rather than string cheese. Either way, a lower quality chain-company pizza is still a pizza. Plus, stuffed crust can stop the infamous crust-leavers from not eating the whole slice. Don’t lecture the next person who orders one on the true origins and ideals of the Italian pizza. Pizza lovers are pizza lovers regardless of style.

5) Cheese – only mozzarella, or are others allowed?

Wait, people put other cheese on their pizza? It may seem crazy, but mozzarella does not hold a monopoly on the pizza cheese market. It’s close, but not entirely. Most people follow traditions and argue that mozzarella is the only cheese allowed on a pizza. And it makes complete sense why this is the majority opinion. Almost every pizzeria around the globe offers pizza served with mozzarella cheese. Some of these same pizzerias may not offer any other types of cheese. But that doesn’t mean that other cheeses don’t belong.
In fact, there are even pizzas that leave out mozzarella altogether. White pizzas are a popular dish in New York style eateries and can be found at some Central Coast pizza spots too. They use only ricotta cheese and other seasonings to garnish the slices. And they’re delicious! (and super easy to make at home). People use other cheeses as well like cheddar or provolone for added gooiness and flavour. It all comes down to the type of pizza you want.

6) Are square pizzas ok?

A pizza’s not a pizza if it’s not a circle. Some people would get more crust than others with square ones. All those indulging in a pizza should have equal cheese to crust opportunity! You can only get that with a circular slice. This debate can get rather serious. Many believe that the best and only way to enjoy a pizza is in round form. Square and rectangular pizzas are unappealing to the stomach and the eye. But there’s more to these odd shaped dishes than uneven slicing.
Sicilian pizza is an Italian pizza classic served as a rectangle. The pizza dough is kneaded into a rectangular dish and cooked with olive oil underneath. That way the bottom of the crust is crisp and full of flavour. While the original Sicilian did not start as a rectangle, it’s migration throughout the world has caused it to transform. If you’re a pizza dough lover (there may not be many, but we know you’re out there!), then these rectangular dishes are perfect. The pizzas are usually prepared with a much thicker crust and base, so you’re in luck.

7) Do dessert pizzas count?

While there’s no doubt that dessert pizzas are delicious, some cringe at the fact they have ‘pizza’ in the name. Those against the dessert pizzas believe that the word ‘pizza’ is reserved for the classic Italian dish created years ago. Crunchy, flaky pizza dough, simmering tomato sauce and gooey mozzarella cheese. Not marshmallow, caramel, and Nutella spread.
But it’s 2022. Culinary traditions can evolve. Those who argue that dessert pizzas ruin a pizza’s integrity probably haven’t even tried one themselves. Pizzas shouldn’t be limited to tomato sauce and pepperoni.  But don’t worry, Central Coast pizza places don’t discriminate. Pizzas can have Nutella and strawberries. Let’s be honest, if it tastes good that’s all that really matters.

8) Should pineapples be allowed?

Since when do fruit and pizza mix? Pineapples should be kept for cocktails, not pizza. Veggies are pushing it. Putting a fruit on top is just absurd! Some cuisines just aren’t meant to be together. Pineapples should stay in Hawaii, not on Central Coast pizza menus! Clearly pineapples have a pretty bad reputation when combined with pizza. But have these harsh critics given it a chance?central coast pizza
Pineapple brings a new layer to pizza, one that can’t be brought by many other toppings. Pineapple brings a sweet and citrusy flavour to a normally zesty and salty dish. Combine this sweetness with toppings like ham and other salty meats to balance the flavour explosions perfectly. In our eyes, no topping should be banned from a pizza. If you think it sounds good, then go for it! Good luck trying to convince your mates, though.

9) Are frozen pizzas even real?

Most people think that an oven should be used to mould the many flavours of a fresh-made pizza. The cheese should glue the ingredients together. However, the original pizza makers were never expecting their delicious masterpiece to be kept frozen to eat anytime. How can the freshness of a pizza be frozen and kept just as tasty? A lot would argue that it simply cannot.
But there’s a time and a place for everything. That includes pizza. Now, will a $3 frozen pizza taste the same as a take away extra-large Italian pizza? Probably not. But the two shouldn’t be compared. Frozen pizzas are meant to be an alternative to the fresh ones. Sometimes you can’t order a meat lovers at 3 in the morning. That’s when frozen pizzas shine. You can pop it in the oven and it’ll be ready in 15 minutes. It’s almost always the cheaper option, too. So yes, frozen pizzas are real. They’re just like a cheaper, less classy date. However, with such delicious Central Coast pizza options, it’s hard to resist a hand-made one.

10) Simple vs Fancy

The long-held argument that simple is better when choosing a pizza will forever stand. But there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to something fancier every now and then. Sure, pepperoni and cheese is a classic. But expanding your culinary horizons and trying a pizza with lamb is just as delicious.
central coast pizza
But again, there’s a time and a place for everything. Fancy pizzas aren’t meant to be eaten on a Tuesday at 1 am. Just the same as a plain pizza may sound silly in a fancier Italian restaurant. Of course, there tends to be a price difference between the simple and fancy. But it’s still up to you. If you want to stay in and watch the game with a few pepperoni orders? that’s great. If you want to treat your loved one to a new fancy yet familiar dish? Amazing. Each pizza is great in its own context. There’s no use in arguing which is better. But we know that still won’t stop you.

Pizza at Hadley’s

If you’re tired of arguing any number of these pizza arguments, then come in to Hadley’s and try our brand-new pizza menu! We’ve put these controversies into careful consideration when creating our line-up and we think it’s some of the best Central Coast pizza. We have a taste for everyone, so come and try a fresh pizza today! You can continue your pizza banter over a few fresh ones here at Hadley’s.