The Roasted Berry

Great coffee & food made with love.

From a humble seed grows a coffee plant… as the plant matures it produces brilliant red berries.

Inside these red berries are the heart or seed of the world’s favourite drink… coffee!

Once this seed is roasted, it becomes a beloved coffee bean. This… is our inspiration for The Roasted Berry, where your coffee is always made with love.

AJ,  The Roasted Berry Supervisor says “When I serve a customer a coffee, I want them to feel loved, I want them to feel warm, I want them to feel at home. And I want them to taste the passion that’s been put into that coffee.”


Our Barista’s genuinely love coffee. They’re masters in creating great coffee just the way you like it.

Espresso, long black, short black, mocha, cappuccino, latte…they even experiment with specialty flavours like cold-drip and nitro.

We also have artists amongst the Barista team…feathers, leaves, swans, flowers and teddy bears, but our signature is the heart. It’s the symbol of passion.

Love and care, and this is what we put in every cup.

Locals Meeting Hub

The Roasted Berry is a favourite spot for locals working from home who need a little escape and many catch up here with colleagues for meetings. We believe food brings people together. Free wi-fi is available and our coffee is always on.

Trading Hours

Open 7 days from 8:30am

(All Day Breakfast available 8:30am until 5pm, Lunch & Light Meals from 11am)

The Roasted Berry‘s café menu is available from 8:30am to 5pm daily. After 5pm, The Roasted Berry will continue to offer your favourite barista-made coffee, teas, and cakes.


All-Day Breakfast & Light Meals

Home-style, rustic flavours and local produce make The Roasted Berry one of the best cafes on the Central Coast.

If breakfast is your favourite meal of the day, no matter what time it is, you can have it at The Roasted Berry. Free range eggs, bacon, haloumi, smoked salmon, ham, avocado, mushrooms, pancakes…it goes on and it makes your mouth water! Then there’s our house-baked breads from our very own bakery, including our award-winning sourdough. It’s the perfect side to breakfast.

The Roasted Berry’s light meal menu is just as tempting. Rustic style burgers, including brisket, fish and chips, chicken parmigiana, steak sandwiches, BLT, focaccia, healthy fresh salads and our popular nourish bowls. There’s a taste to satisfy everyone with gluten free and vegan options always available.

Onsite bakery

Bakery delights & sweet cakes

Not every café can claim to have its own bakery.

The Roasted Berry does and you can sit back and watch our Baker’s at work and inhale that incredible freshly baked bread smell! The Roasted Berry is known for its award-winning sourdough, rolls, scrolls and loaves. Best of all, it’s baked fresh and is for sale every day so you can take The Roasted Berry home with you.

Our cake selection is a feast for the eyes. It’s difficult not to indulge! Locally made treats from Ludo’s Patisserie at Avoca; our very own baked breads, scrolls and muffins; cakes, scones and tarts. It couldn’t be more tempting and is there perfect partner to a cup of coffee or tea!

Community focus

Our team in The Roasted Berry are passionate about giving to the local community.

Every month we collect our tips and donate them to different local charities or causes. We love nothing more than spreading the love to fellow human beings, animals and the environment.

Our coffee

The love coffee is something we don’t take for granted at The Roasted Berry.

We understand how people feel about great coffee and how it sets up their day. To ensure we deliver consistently great coffee we found a coffee partnership with world-renowned Australian coffee producer, ONA Coffee and World Barista Champion, Sasa Sestic.

This wonderful partnership has seen the team at ONA give the gift of expert coffee training to our team, as well as speciality roasting us our own coffee blends. There’s nothing ONA don’t know about coffee. Their team are among the best in the world and ONA is a believer in quality coffee that is ethically sourced, sustainable and provide support to farmers and their communities along the way.

ONA’s experience in global coffee trade sees them work with farmers all over the world in places like Honduras, Central America, Africa and India and founded Project Origin to support communities in these regions. They are all about ethically sourced coffee, sustainable practices and the living standards of the communities who work the coffee plantations.

Project Origin brings together hundreds of coffee producers across 10 countries and works with farmers, exporters and co-operatives to create a positive culture in the coffee trade. The organisation is committed to community, sustainability and on-going development to assist farmers and workers in creating positive change to impact their overall quality of life.

Find out more about ONA Coffee and Project Origin.

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