The amazing power of crystals

Have you ever considered the power of crystals? Crystals are sought after for their beauty and decorative appeal, but how much do you really know about these precious stones? Keep reading

Davistown Putt Putt Regatta 2018

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Great events at Mingara - meet Michelle

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A guide to dietary requirements

The team at Mingara Events have put together an easy guide to dietary requirements to make planning your next event even easier. Find out more
Updates, Tips & Tricks

Top Christmas Gifts for co-workers

Whether it be Kris Kringle in a big office or just a little something for everyone in a small office environment, the team at Mingara Events have done some of the hard Christmas shopping yards for you. Our top picks
Fitness & Wellbeing

What to expect in your first six weeks of working out.

What to expect
Fitness & Wellbeing

How to sleep better

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Time-saving cooking for the week

Check out these recipes for time saving cooking for the week. Easy, nutritious and quick. Perfect for busy families to enjoy. Recipes here
Updates, Tips & Tricks

Best reusable coffee cups

For many of us, a takeaway cup of coffee is part of our daily ritual. However, this habit is beginning to take its toll on the planet. Check out some of the best reusable coffee cups here. Read more
Fitness & Wellbeing

Training to run your first 10km

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