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Pool reopening

Pool to reopen from 5am, Monday 6 February We sincerely thank you for your understanding regarding our recent pool closure. The pool at Mingara One has been closed for urgent repair works from Monday 30 January and we are pleased...

Guided Meditation

Take some you time ... Often known as 'the sleep of the Yogi's', this Yoga Nidra practice is one for when you are feeling mentally exhausted. You can do this meditation at home, in your office, or whenever you need...

Meet Malcolm!

You've probably seen him chatting with mates on the treadmill or having a laugh in our Young at Heart classes. Mal is 76 years young and feeling fit and strong these days! Since joining Mingara One Fitness... I joined Mingara...
woman doing a hover at the gym

Take our fitness test

Why do a fitness test? A fitness test is not so you can measure yourself against others it is so you can measure against yourself!

How to sleep better

The team at Mingara One Fitness wants everyone to benefit from better sleep. To help you crack out the zeds, they've drawn on all their health and wellbeing knowledge to bring you this guide on how to sleep better.

Raw Bounty Coconut Slice

Yum! Raw Bounty Coconut Slice! The often underrated chocolate, coconut and condensed milk sweet treat. Quite often left till last in a box of Favourites - but their sweetness and sense of indulgence are not to be underestimated. If you love...

Quick and easy burger recipe

Alright, alright who doesn't love a burger! Let's be honest! We are guaranteeing you a burger that recipe that you wish you had known about years ago! It is truly so simple and delicious.

Once upon a PINK Christmas 2019

A huge Merry Christmas to the entire PINK crew! Thanks for the fun, the laughs and the fitness...oh! and for pulling Santa's sleigh!! Check out all the festive fun here.

Take 3 for the Sea and what it means to me.

An interview with Ryan Taylor Murphy. You might know Ryan as the goofy toe walking vibrant sock moustache wearing surfer/cyclists/gym instructor/fitness lover/vegan from Mingara One Fitness but there is much more that drives this fellas love of the ocean and...
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