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Fitness & Wellbeing

Festive Season Timetable & Hours

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Fitness & Wellbeing

Raw Bounty Coconut Slice

Fitness & Wellbeing

Take 3 for the Sea and what it means to me.

It was many years ago that I stumbled across the Take 3 concept however it’s become bigger than just picking up three pieces of rubbish every time I go for a surf for me. Read the interview
Fitness & Wellbeing

October Public Holiday Monday timetable

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Fitness & Wellbeing

Quick and easy burger recipe

Enjoy your next burger night at your place with this quick and easy burger recipe! It's a great one! See the recipe
Fitness & Wellbeing

Mingara One Fitness FAQs list for first timers.

So you have just joined Mingara One Fitness. We've put together a list of the most frequently asked questions when our members join. As always...any questions, just ask one of our crew. Read more
Fitness & Wellbeing

How to sleep better

Find out more
Fitness & Wellbeing

What to expect in your first six weeks of working out.

What to expect
Fitness & Wellbeing

When I don't want to exercise

We’ve all been there (probably more often than we would like to admit). The alarm goes off at 5 am on a Monday morning. You curse yesterday’s good intentions and the #neveramissamonday movement and hit the snooze button. Read more
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