Fitness Test

Why do a fitness test?

A fitness test is not so you can measure yourself against others it is so you can measure against yourself!

Take the test

1km Run or row – record time – if rowing it must be on Level 10. If running you can use whichever speed you can manage.
2 minutes: Squats – record how many reps you get.

2 minutes: Hand Release Push Ups – record your reps (ie how many you do…and if you do drop to you knees record that too so you can improve for next time).
2 minutes: (Feet positioned under barbell and reach to touch the barbell) – record your reps.
2 minutes (Chest to ground and don’t forget the overhead clap) – record your reps.
As long as you can! Max Hover (Hold hover for as long as you can) – record your time and take note whether you were on your knees or toes.

Watch the video for correct technique and examples of each exercise.

Need to know more?

Head into Mingara One Fitness and catch up with one of our crew who can help you start your health and fitness journey, refresh your current program or even offer some Personal Training sessions to really get you working.