Hi everyone it’s Gina Jeffreys, I am so excited to be performing at Christmas Under the Stars this year! Two of may favorite things – Christmas and my home town, the most beautiful place in Australia, the Central Coast!

Everyone has had such a tough time recently, so I think the most exciting thing about carols this year is that it’s just going to be wonderful to come out and celebrate the festive season – to be with friends and family, to sit back and relax, have a picnic, let the kids run around and sing carols!

My band and I have put together a bunch of songs that will make you feel like dancing! We will sing all the classic carols everyone knows and just really get in to the Festive Spirit.

I took quite a break from my touring life to be a mum to our son Jacky. I never missed a kiss goodnight and I loved every second of it. He’s 18 now and he’s in my touring band.

Taking the break for our family really gave me the chance to look back at a wonderful life of touring! We got to go to East Timor with Kylie Minogue and John Farnaham to entertain the troupes. I sang in China to over a billion people live on a New Years Eve TV special and probably my fondest memory of all was getting to open for Johnny Cash to 15,000 people a night all over Australia every early on in my career –  and really, that changed everything for me. I wrote a song about it for my last album called Cash that was really like a thank you letter to Johnny because I’m just so truly grateful for that incredible opportunity.

Now, after having almost every show when we were touring that album canceled during the lockdown we are coming back next year with a new tour called The Girls Night Out Tour.

I will have my great old friend Tania Kernaghan with me – we just released a brand new song called “My Old Friend” that celebrates those friendships that no amount of time or distance can change. I think we all have those long time friends who make us laugh so hard we cry, and this song really celebrates those friendships and being able to be back together.

Our new tour will be pretty much like a real girls night out – that the boys are welcome to too, where we just have a whole lot of fun and kick up our heels!

We are currently recording a brand new album of all original duets that is due for release mid next year. We’ve written every song and the theme behind the album is just all about love and friendship! It’s up tempo and very country. So many artists these days release very pop sounding country, and while Tania and I both enjoy listening to that – our hearts are really in more traditional sounding country music.

It’s like we’ve come a full circle, back to where we began. Tania and I are singing together for the first time in 27 years (we had a hit song called Men in the early 90’s)

Musically for me my journey has taken me back to that true traditional sound of a classic country album, with banjo, dobro, pedal steel, fiddle and lots of harmony.

Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me until we’ve been to Mingara’s Christmas Under the Stars. After the spectacular fireworks, we head home, just up the road, past all the homes lit up with their Christmas lights and it really sets the tone for a wonderful holiday.

Merry Christmas everyone and here is to an incredible New Year full of love and friendship!




For further information on Christmas Under The Stars, CLICK HERE.