Have you wandered through the club and overheard people talking about their PETs lately? Chances are they’re not talking about goldfish! They could be talking about the new PET9 electronic bingo devices we now have at the club. PETs (or Programmable Electronic Tickets) make it fun and easy to play bingo. To introduce them, we’ve put together this quick guide on how to play electronic bingo using the PET9 machines.

Firstly – what is a Programmable Electronic Ticket (or PET)?

PETs look a little bit like a tablet device such as an iPad. They are loaded with bingo tickets that display on the screen. PETs were first introduced in Australia in 2002. These computerised systems quickly improved the accountability and integrity of the game and proved popular with the new generation of bingo operators and players.

The old PET3 machines from 2002


How PETs work.

Whether you’re playing with a PET or a paper bingo ticket, the basics of the game are exactly the same. You check numbers off your tickets as the caller calls them. The first person to check off all the numbers on a single ticket yells BINGO! They are the winner.
When using a PET, as the caller draws numbers, the player taps that number on the digital display. The digital display shows every number from 1 to 90, in a numerically ordered grid.
The difference between a paper ticket and an electronic ticket is that you don’t have to mark the number off on every ticket you’re playing. Tapping the number called on the grid will cause the machine to cross that number off on all your tickets that have that number.  PETs allow bingo players to play electronic bingo on up to 48 tickets simultaneously.
In addition to the grid of numbers, the PET displays your two best tickets. What this means is that the machine is constantly shuffling your tickets after each number is drawn, so that the closest tickets to BINGO! are always on display.

PET9 will teach you how to play electronic bingo
A new PET9 machine

Why PETs were introduced.

Mingara introduced PETs for a number of reasons.  Firstly, less waste is produced by using a paperless system. Secondly, people who find it hard to hold a marker or dabber (such as arthritis sufferers) can play bingo more comfortably using a PET. Another great reason is that it gives our members more chances to win, by making it possible to play more tickets at once. It also reduces the chances of a number being missed on one of your tickets.
To learn more about using a PET9 machine, check out this video from our machine supplier, BSG.


How PETs make it easier (and more fun) to play bingo.

The original PET was the PET3. They were great, but like the first model of anything, they had basic functionality. The new generation is called the PET9, and it has a lot more features. Firstly, there is a larger screen featuring a clear display of all the numbers. As you mark off each number called, the PET crosses them off on all of your tickets. You can select a ‘dabber’ shape and colour that you like best, from a pink love-heart to a green cloverleaf. There is also a range of viewing options, with colours and layouts that you can easily customise to suit your preferences. On the PET9 machines, there are themed displays to add a bit of fun to your bingo game, such as Christmas, Disco and Egyptian.
As you’re playing your game the PET machine coaches you along, showing your best tickets and alerting you when one of them is close to winning. It even prompts you to shout BINGO! When your last number is called.

How to get a PET9 for your next bingo game.

Club Bingo is played at Mingara Recreation Club on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. A limited amount of PET9s are available to use for each session and can be collected when you purchase your tickets. Note that a minimum of 2 books must be purchased to use a PET. Books go on sale at 9.30am and calling starts at 10.30am. Club Bingo operates on Public Holidays except for Christmas Day (unless advised otherwise).
25 Full House Games and 5 Minor Games are played each session.
Prices per person:   
$3 for ½ Book
$5  for Full Book
$10  for 2 Full Books
$15  for 4 Full Books
$20  for 8 Full Books
Full House Games Prize is $25
Minor Game Prize is $10
Prizes will be added to members’ accounts as Mingara Reward Points. Non-members will be issued with Mingara Vouchers. Mingara Reward Points and Mingara Vouchers are not transferable for cash. For more detail view our House Rules here .

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