So much fun!

Excited faces, smiles, laughter and cheering filled Mingara Aquatics Friday night October 20 for their first ever Come and Try carnival.
The Event was designed for Learn to Swim swimmers to have a taste of where their hard work is heading and for visitors to see what all the fun is about. The children kicked, splashed, swam their way through freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke race as they had a taste of what swimming club and swimming carnivals is all about.
As the leading swimming facility and learn to swim school on the Central Coast, Mingara Aquatics swimming lessons are taught by AustSwim qualified instructors for children 6 months and above. Classes run on a range of days and times for all levels. It is never too late to start and you can join at any time during the year.
What better way to teach your children to swim and survive in and around water, encourage water safety, confidence in the water and develop swim skills and techniques.
Congratulations to all the grown-ups and children who participated in this great event. What a great night full of smiles and great times at Mingara Aquatics.
Not enrolled? WHy not enquire today – simply phone  (02) 4349 7821.