Mother’s day; A day to celebrate all the amazing women out there.

We are so blessed to have such amazing women and mum’s in our community, they are hard working, big hearted and always full of kindness.

Our Mingara One Fitness community is full of Strong Women, and we would like to celebrate with some of our members why they love mother/daughter gym time!

“I love coming to the gym with my girls we work hard for fitness with many laughs & banter. My girls keep me young & motivated and I am so proud of us mothers/daughters just doing it together”

Karen Robinson – Mum

“The three of us keep each other motivated, have lots of laughs and catch up on each other’s lives at the same time. I am most proud and inspired that my mum can do all the classes just as easily as us”

Justine Newland

“My fav time of the week is GYM days at Mingara One. I have been a member for around 15 years and am lucky enough to have my sister, mum & teenage kids are members also. We keep each other accountable for no shows! So much more fun when all 3 are in!

Elisha Winship



“Since becoming a mum I have a new found appreciation for my body and what it can do”

-Bridie Kamper


“Mums and Bubs class is a great excuse to get out of the house and keep fit. As someone who has exercised a lot prior to having a baby it keeps me sane, and still having that outlet now as a mum. Don’t know what I would do without it!”







Mother Karen and daughter Ashlea come every week together to One Barre classes. Helping keep each other accountable, and being able to share laughs with each other while working out are memories that will live on forever.





Every mother is amazing.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums everywhere!