We were thrilled to welcome Pete Rush to Mingara this summer. It has been a  pleasure watching Pete create Rusty the Kangaroo.

About Pete Rush

Pete Rush has wowed locals with his creativity since he moved to the Central Coast in early 2020. He is best known for creating large sculptures made from natural materials at local beaches, lakes, and parks.

Pete’s background is actually in film and advertising, and has over 20 years’ experience creating TV, Print and Radio campaigns for big brands such as Qantas, Coke and McDonalds. However, he has always had a passion for art, creating many beautiful paintings, specialising in watercolour paintings.

During the first lockdown in March 2020, Pete began to build his first sculpture; a horse at Terrigal Lagoon. In an interview with Coast Community News, Pete said “I was just down the beach, and I found a piece of driftwood that looked like a horse’s tail, so I just made a little horse.” He was inspired to continue creating his sculptures by seeing the joy his work gave to people during a tough time.

Since then, Pete has continued to create fabulous art, making over 15 sculptures including a Sea Eagle at Avoca Lagoon, an Echidna at Killcare Beach, and a Polar Bear in Chittaway.

Pete has been recognised for his incredible scultpures in many prominent media outlets both locally and internationally, including ABC and Better Homes and Gardens and has become quite the celebrity in the local community.

Rusty the Roo

Pete Rush’s latest creation is a sculpture commissioned by us at Mingara for the local community to enjoy. The 3-metre-tall work depicts a boy joyfully riding on a kangaroo. It was inspired by a 3-year-old who was lost overnight in the bush. When the boy was found he said he’d asked a kangaroo for a ride home. The adorable story made world news.

The roo has a Gymea-lily-pole structure covered in dried lantana sticks, sourced locally from Landcare, and then surfaced with ‘fur’ from palm trees (donated by Central Coast locals). Pete binds with flax on all his work on beaches and lakes. But with commissioned work— which needs to last longer—he uses wire.

Rusty was named by a local child who came to visit Pete Rush while he was building the kangaroo.



Where can I see Rusty?

Come in and see Rusty the kangaroo up-close during the January school holidays. It is located on our front lawn, near Indigo – Eats, Treats & Bar. The best spot to park is in Legends Taphouse car park or at Mingara’s Athletics Centre.


Want to see more? Check out Pete’s Instagram, where he shares his latest creations.