The Annex at Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College, The Entrance Campus, is a support setting for students with a primary mental health disability. The mission is to provide a safe, supportive environment for students. The students participate in programs that encourage them to become productive members of society.

How does the funding from Mingara help?

Mingara’s ClubGRANT donation goes towards the facilitation of many of the life skills programs required to cater to the students from The Annex. The well-being of the students is an important focus.

Learning life skills at The Annex

The Annex assists with the everyday skills of personal hygiene, food preparation and nutritional education through their teaching of Independent Living Skills. A washing machine, second sets of clothing, cooking equipment and even food have been crucial to help establish these skill sets among students. The purchase of gardening equipment and a garden shed were essential items in the implementation of an outdoor education program. Programs such as these enhance a student’s vocational and employability skills. The Annex assists with the education of independent living skills such as personal hygiene, food preparation and nutritional education.
The Annex students learning Archery

Sharing new adventures

Excursions for the students that attend The Annex are not only fun, exciting and a new experience but offer adventures that promote positive interaction with their peers and stimulate individual growth.
“We were so pleased to be able to give the students opportunities to forget about life’s challenges for the day and experience new things such as catching a train, ferry and seeing Sydney for the first time. It was amazing to see them enjoying themselves and interacting with each other in a positive way” said The Annex teacher, Lana Bray after excursions to Luna Park, Wet & Wild Sydney and Point Wollstonecraft.

It’s all about community

The Annex is about fostering a sense of community and learning to build positive relationships. Mingara’s ClubGRANT has allowed The Annex to purchase a cake and birthday card for each student on their special day. Such a simple act is taken for granted by most but goes a long way in developing the student’s sense of belonging.
The Annex staff at Mingara ClubGrants 2016

How does Mingara make a difference in the Community?

Mingara Recreation Club strives to make a positive difference in the local community. The Club shows its support in many different forms and for a wide variety of charities, organisations, sporting teams and local community groups. One way these potential beneficiaries can apply is through the Mingara ClubGRANTS process.

What is Mingara’s ClubGRANTS?

Mingara’s ClubGRANTS form a part of the Club’s regular contributions to the community –which have amounted to over $14 million in the last ten years.

ClubGRANTS applications are now being accepted for 2017. Click here to find out more and answer all your frequently asked questions or to start the application process.