Psychic shows – what should you expect?

Do you have loved ones that have crossed over? It is not uncommon to wonder “Can they hear me when I talk to them?”, and “Do they visit me, are they happy?”. So many questions are left unanswered, so those left in this world often reach out to psychics to find an avenue to speak to that special someone. Whether a sceptic or a believer, we’ll tell you about the spirit world and what to expect at a psychic show.

What is a psychic show?

You will enter a dimly lit room, slightly hazy with smoke and the flickering glow and distinctive smell of scented candles. A woman, dressed somewhat like a Romany gypsy with a head scarf will usher you to sit down at a table covered in velvet where the crystal ball and tarot cards await….she has a message for you…WRONG!
Image of a crystal ball
A psychic show can take on many forms depending on the type of psychic you are seeing. The psychic world includes numerology, clairvoyance, tarot, astrology, mediums and much more.
Mingara Recreation Club regularly brings Ezio and Michelle De Angelis to the Central Coast to present their psychic show as Australia’s number one psychic medium couple.
Image of Ezio and Michelle De Angelis
As mediums, their shows don’t rely on stereotypical mystery and wizardry. Their process is simple and engaging. Bring a group of friends or family, or you can come alone. You will be greeted warmly into the room. The lights are lowered just enough so that Ezio and Michelle can still see the faces of the audience to do their work.

How do mediums work?

Ignore any visions you have of an evil spirit taking over and embodying the medium on the night. Through the right medium, channelling the spirit world can be simple, accessible, practical and to many life changing. Through identifying and working on their craft – talented psychic mediums can speak to those who have crossed over.
It is not about hand holding or staring into your eyes. For Ezio and Michelle, the spirits come to them. These visits can potentially happen for days or weeks before a psychic show. They interrupt their thoughts, send visions and flood their senses with aromas, tastes and sounds.
The vibe of the room of the night attracts the spirits to visit Ezio and Michelle and it is through their experience and skill that they can interpret their messages.
Some who have crossed over present themselves as their physical illnesses, inflicting stomach pains, sore throats, difficulty speaking to whichever medium they visit. Others appear as imagery to portray their messages.
As mediums, they locate where in the room the general presence is and relay messages to the audience who acknowledge when they have triggered a connection to them.

Who can I speak to at a psychic show?

It is not all about you! You may head off to a psychic desperate to speak to a special someone that has crossed over to the spirit world. In the reality of the medium world, it may be someone you least expect that reaches out. A friend of the loved one or even a distant relative, work colleague or teammate. They who present themselves to you may be stronger spirits and more easily detected, so that you may hear from your loved one. They may also pass messages on to their own loved ones in the living world, for you to pass on.

You need to open the door

How do I reach a loved one that has crossed over? Just because you attend a psychic show, there is no guarantee that it will be your spirit that manages to be present on the evening. According to Ezio and Michelle De Angelis, you need to show your spirits how they can reach you. Be present for their shows, for psychic fairs, personal readings and your spirits will learn where they can find you and they can also work on learning how they can reach you from the spiritual world. Open your heart, open your mind and open the door to the process.
Image of a person gazing at the stars.

How will I feel in the moment?

What if I sit in the room and the messages they are receiving are for me? It takes courage to put your hand up and open yourself up to the experience. Not only are you letting that spirit speak to you, the whole audience in the room is being taken on your journey. It can be emotional, bringing some to laughter, some to tears. It can also be exhilarating and for some bring relief.

Get in touch with your spiritual side at Mingara

Love it or hate it – sceptic or believer, be prepared to be called brother or sister as once you attend a psychic event you become part of the spiritual family. You have opened that door and maybe even your spiritual mind…just a little.
Mingara Recreation Club regularly brings psychic shows and events to the Central Coast. Ezio and Michelle De Angelis regularly feature and the Mingara Psychic and Alternative Fair is also regularly hosted.
Image of Ezio and Michelle De Angelis at Mingara
The next Mingara Psychic Fair presents a great opportunity to dip a sceptical toe in the spiritual world and the whole range of options available to you, tarot, numerology, astrology, telepathy and more.
Be warned: Expect a dream catcher or two!
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