Nothing says winter like the flavours of pear, cinnamon, vanilla and rolled oats.
Is it a crumble? Is it a pie? Is it a bowl of porridge? No – it is a delicious combination of all those wintery treats in the form of a warm smoothie – the Warm Pear Hug. Some things just taste better warmer and a Warm Pear Hug smoothie is one of those things. The added benefit of protein takes this smoothie to a whole new level as a post workout treat.
Just think about kicking off your morning with these wintery flavours. Super simple to make – it is like a dessert disguised as a smoothie.

A warm smoothie?

Yes! It’s hard to beat a delicious smoothie for breakfast on the run – you know you are getting a great kick start to the day. When you think warmer weather you think smoothies – loaded with berries and tropical fruits. Winter is a little less smoothie motivating. If that sounds like you, then why not try a warm smoothie full of comforting (and nutritious) winter flavours.
Warm smoothies keep your smoothie game strong but let you bring in some of that warmth and cosiness of winter.

All about pears

Not only are pears sweet and delicious but they are packed with dietary fibre. Pear is a low-calorie fruit with an average of 58 calories per 100g of fruit. Need Vitamin C – the pear has you covered too!

Cinnamon and spice

Cinnamon not only adds the flavour of winter to this smoothie but cinnamon has benefits including anti-oxidant, immunity boosting, anti -inflammatory properties and more.

Make your own Warm Pear Hug


4 pear quarters (tinned pear)
2 tablespoons rolled oats
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup of boiling water
almond milk or soy milk
add honey if desired.


Use your favourite blender, Ninja, Magic Bullet or even stick blender.
Simply add all the ingredients.
Blend until smooth.
Pour into your favourite gym shaker, glass, keep cup or mug.
Enjoy the warm, cinnamony goodness.
Feel free to use almond milk, soy milk or full cream milk.
Almond milk is a great source of protein and good fat. The antioxidants in Vitamin E fight free radicals and help you recover more quickly.
Whey protein is also great for post-workout and is fast absorbing. Don’t want to include the protein? Try a few drops of vanilla extract instead.
Love to try a Warm Pear Hug or even your favourite Mixed Berry Smoothie? Why not visit the Wellness Cafe at Mingara Recreation Club. Not only is it smoothie heaven but they serve up freshly made juices, barista made coffee and fresh, nutritious and healthy light meals and snack. Grab a breakfast wrap or some protein balls to snack on later in the day!
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