The madness of Christmas has passed and the new year quickly moves in with thoughts of returning to work for another year. How do you kick off the new year at your business? New employees, a change in direction, new clients or even a totally new direction. Whichever way you decide to bring in the New Year at your workplace you may like to factor in some teambuilding to refresh, revitalise and re-energise your team.

Benefits of team building

  1. A great way to open the communication between all staff.

    Brush off the quarrels and stresses that come with the end of the year. Breathe in a breath of fresh new year air and start anew. Team building opens up opportunities for senior management and junior staff to chat and work together to solve a problem. New staff will be in an environment where they feel empowered and valued and will be encouraged to contribute to the team. A great icebreaker.

  2. A fun, engaging way for people to be introduced.

    How often do you walk past someone in another department, say hi and think “is it too embarrassing to ask their name after I have been working here for six months or more?” Kicking off the year with well-structured team building allows for teams and different departments to reconnect, meet for the first time or reintroduce themselves to those familiar faces with no names. SOme staff may even experience their 15 minutes of fame as they really shine in one activity and may become the lawn bowls or problem-solving master!

  3. The ability to highlight and uncover new skills within the team.

    You may think you have a solid understanding of the strengths and skill levels in your office and that everyone is in roles where they are best suited. Team building exercises are often jam-packed with surprises as Mandy from accounts shows an aptitude for creativity and Derek from reception is full of leadership qualities that you had never noticed before. Staff members can also identify the strengths of their peers and recognise how important these skills may be in a future project they all work on together. Team members natural roles within a team will shine through and maybe even surprise you!

Team building doesn’t have to be boring!

One Float

Take it out of the office and onto the water! A low impact whole body workout that can be tailored to suit all levels of fitness and fun. Trainers from Mingara One Fitness can mix up the activities to suit. Your crew can wear whatever is comfortable and get ready to face some challenges on the water.

Barefoot Bowls

Spark up a bit of friendly competition and social banter with a few rounds of Barefoot Bowls at Mingara. Fresh air, the grass between your toes, a few drinks an the team can bond.
bare feet around a lawn bowl


Get the team to chill out, stretch and relax. Reinvigorate, shake off the new year nerves with a Hot Yoga or One Yoga session at Mingara One Fitness. Each session allows participants to release tension, enhance range of motion and improve flexibility. The perfect activity to leave your team feeling strong and empowered.

Cocktail Making

Channel your inner Bryan Brown and Tom Cruise as your team learns more about some of their favourite cocktails, what’s in them, what makes them great, the technique to make them and very importantly the taste test. Encourage their creative flair and confidence in public speaking as they present and prepare a creation of their own.

All under one roof.

The best way to make the most of any team building event is to head to somewhere that has all of this under one roof. You can find all of these activities at Mingara Recreation Club. There is a range of event spaces for you to debrief the day’s activities or run through some formalities. Restaurants, bars and event catering are on site to suit any activity you would like.
Contact the Great Events at Mingara team here to start your new year off with a refreshed team.