With The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal set to ‘knock and tap’ their way around the Central Coast the last weekend in May, you probably think, “I know the Salvos do great work in our community – but what is the work they do in our community?”

The Salvos on the Central Coast

The Salvos’ reach is as diverse and wide-ranging as the areas in need on the Central Coast. The work most publicised is the emergency relief services that provide practical support, encouragement and hope. The depth of their work extends to crisis accommodation, aged care, community and employment services, counselling and support.

Where will my donation go?

Your valuable donations go to a great many services that the Salvos provide. The Red Shield Appeal donations are also allocated to assist in the funding of the Dooralong Transformation Centre and Oasis Youth Centre at Wyong.


The Dooralong Transformation Centre provides one of the biggest rehabilitation facilities in NSW, offering recovery services for drug, alcohol and gambling addiction. The holistic recovery approach focuses on bringing hope, healing and wholeness. Support includes group discussions, vocational training, one on one support and more.
The vital funds raised via the Red Shield Appeal contribute to the ongoing success of this Central Coast service.

For our youth

Oasis Youth Centre, located in Wyong, opened its doors to the community in November 1999 and has evolved to not only provide youth support and services but to operate as a multi-purpose community centre to meet the needs of the broader community. The small but strong staff unit is supported by a wonderful 180-strong volunteer base.
Oasis Youth Centre runs weekly programs and services and provides support in the areas of emergency food and housing, domestic violence and many more.

Oasis Pop-Up Cafe

More recently, the Oasis Youth Centre has proudly opened the Oasis Pop Up Café, offering barista and hospitality training and employment to local youth. These valuable life skills enable participants in the program to go on to further study or employment in local hospitality roles. This program was initiated with the support of the fundraising from Mingara’s Christmas Under the Stars and Newcastle Permanent, and will gain additional funding with thanks to the Red Shield Appeal.
The local community has a wonderful spot for coffee, treats and light meals and are proud of the hard work of the local youth.

Skills for safe drivers

The Drive for Life program operates to provide disadvantaged young people with the opportunity to attain their driver’s licence. Through a devoted volunteer base, new drivers are assisted in obtaining their 120 log book hours.
The program also includes:
– Lessons with a qualified instructor
– Discounted driving lesson packs
– Road safety sessions.

I got this feeling…inside my bones

Designed to engage, educate and empower young people on the Central Coast, Sweet Dreams Hip Hop is a music and dance based class that has been running for over a year at the Oasis Youth Centre.
Providing inspiration and support and a creative avenue for all young people on the Central Coast to maximise their potential has been a much-valued program.
Funds raised through the Red Shield Appeal support these integral services for the Central Coast Community.

How can I help?

You can help by joining as a Red Shield Appeal doorknocker. Whether you are a first-time charity doorknocker or an experienced Red Shield Appeal fundraiser, here are some door knocking tips for the Red Shield Appeal doorknock weekend.
The Salvation Army logo

Our 6 doorknocking tips

1) Have you registered?

You have to register if you intend to participate. If you click here you can easily register online.
Why register? Registering early gives the Salvos representatives in your area a chance to form their best plan for the day and make sure everybody has a job to do.

2) What do I wear?

Sensible, comfortable clothes and shoes built for walking.

3) What about the weather?

Keep an eye on your local weather forecast! Everyone is reminded to use sunscreen and hats if they are out and about in the sun. Mingara Community Manager, Sarah Ferman, recommends packing umbrellas and rain gear if the weather is not looking too favourable. The show goes on in the rain!

4) How will people know you are an authorised Red Shield Appeal 2019

When you arrive at whichever spot around Australia is your home base, you will be allocated a bag with your lanyard (which is your Red Shield Appeal doorknocking ID) and a receipt book for the donations.
The coordinator for your area will issue a map of the local area and the territory marked for you to cover.

5) Will I be safe?

No-one ever goes doorknocking alone, you are always in supportive groups of two or four. A session usually lasts from two – three hours. You can bring your work colleagues, a group of friends, your family, sporting teams or simply yourself along. Individuals will be placed in a group to go doorknocking with. The more the merrier…and the more houses visited!

6) Can my kids ‘doorknock’ as well?

Yes – we love kids to participate with their families, dancing groups, sports clubs, community and school groups where they have an authorised adult supervising them. Kids are never permitted to doorknock alone.

When is the Red Shield Appeal?

Saturday 25 May and Sunday 26 May 2019 is the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal doorknock weekend.
If you need help, want to find out how you can assist The Salvation Army, or simply would like to know more about the work of The Salvation Army in the community you can find all the information you need here.