How do you thank your mum for all that she does for you? Mum always loves a gorgeous bunch of flowers and now you can stay in the good books for longer with our tips to make flowers last longer.
It’s May, and in Australia, that means it will soon be that one special day of the year. The day you have the chance to make up for all the washing up you haven’t done, all the dinners you didn’t eat and all the hard work your mums put in day after day. A day of spoiling mum. A day all for the mums. Mother’s Day.
You could give mum breakfast in bed, barista made coffee in peace, a gorgeous lunch out or even the simple delight of a home-made, gift, card or letter. The second Sunday in May is all about making Mum happy and dedicating an entire day to spoiling Mum. Nothing says Mother’s Day more than a bunch of beautiful flowers – and nothing says bad gift more than a dying bunch of prized carnations stolen from Barry’s garden next door.
Find out why we give flowers on Mother’s Day, where you can buy them and how to make flowers last longer.

Why do we traditionally give flowers on Mother’s Day?

Way back when, in 1905, a lady named Anna Jarvis (a peace activist) started to wear a white carnation to honour and remember her mother who had passed away.
Traditional Mother’s Day flowers in the northern hemisphere are white carnations to symbolise a mother’s pure heart.

Image of white Chrysanthemums

Aussie mums love nothing better than a chrysanthemum. It is widely recognised as the traditional Mother’s Day flower here, and traditionally it is white, in keeping with Anna’s remembrance. It also helps that the flower is widely grown during May and the name conveniently ends in the word mum.
Grab a bunch of mums for mum!
If you’re fresh out of ideas for presents, why not give mum the simplest of colourful and fragrant pleasures? Flowers will always make Mum smile on Mother’s Day.

Tips to make flowers last longer.

  1. Trim stems when you get home and place in a clean vase with clean water, first adding the flower food provided with your flowers.
  2. Top up with fresh water every few days.
  3. Keep away from fruit and vegetables as they release fumes that shorten the lifespan of flowers.

More than just flowers.

Mingara Recreation Club offers more than just flowers for Mum this Mother’s Day.  Start the day off with breakfast in The Roasted Berry with their house-baked sourdough, sweet treats and barista made coffee, made with love.
Spoil Mum with a 3-course chef-designed set menu lunch and a few glasses of bubbles in Indigo – Eats, Treats & Bar.  Leave her in Mum heaven with a bottle of something bubbly from the Rewards Shop to take home.
A little something for every chrysanthe-mum.
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