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Are you a male or female suffering from fertility issues? Are you sick of being told that there is nothing else you can do? Do you want more control over your choices? Or are you going through IVF and would like to increase your chances of success?
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Traditional Chinese Medicine & Infertility Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment of infertility began long before the advent of modern technologies like IVF. There were no blood tests to measure oestrogen and progesterone levels, no ultrasounds to determine the development of follicles, no ovulation tests. Instead, diagnosis and treatment were based on detailed observation of external signs and symptoms, tongue, pulse, diet and lifestyle.

For Women

For the female treatments to increase fertility are rhythmically aligned with the menstrual cycle. During the period, treatment regulates flow and alleviates period pain. In the follicular phase, it regulates hormones and boosts development of the endometrium and follicles. Mid-cycle treatments will induce ovulation. During the luteal phase, treatment is again focused on regulating hormones. Throughout the entire cycle, there is an important focus on reducing stress.

For Men

It’s easy to overlook the man in this process but excellent sperm quality, morphology and motility are essential for a healthy growing baby. There have now been several studies that suggest acupuncture and herbal medicine can increase sperm production and quality.

Overall Health

The more you can do for your health and your partner’s health before conceiving will help the chances of falling pregnant, as well as the ongoing health of your baby.
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