How many times do you sit at your favourite cafe and think – these are THE BEST poached eggs … closely followed by…why can’t mine look like this at home. I wish there were some easy egg poaching tips so I could make perfect poached eggs at home! Well, thanks to the chefs at The Roasted Berry, now you can!
Learn how to poach cafe style eggs at home with our easy egg poaching tips.

Perfect poached eggs

Everybody has their own idea of what makes the perfect poached eggs – for us, it is the sense of satisfaction of gently piercing through the egg for the soft yellowy goodness inside to gently run out all over your delicious bacon, sourdough, corn fritters, pancakes or whatever your favourite breakfast treat may be

Easy egg poaching tips

  1. Fresh is best!

    Fresh eggs will hold their shape better while it cooks. Check how fresh your egg is by sitting it in a bowl or cup of water – if it lies horizontally on the bottom it is F-R-E-S-H. Starting to float – it is not as fresh – still poachable but perhaps not to poached perfection.

  2. Separate for success

    Crack the eggs separately into a cup, small bowl. It stops dropping the egg from a great height into the boiling water!

  3. Simple simmer

    Put water in the pan – a decent amount- not full but at least 5 cm deep. You don’t need to drown them but they will sink – they need enough space to float around in to cook evenly and perfectly. Bring to a nice rolling simmer. Nothing to furious or it will disintegrate your egg.

  4. Add vinegar

    Yes. Vinegar – white vinegar. The amount will vary depending on the size of the pot of water and how many eggs you are poaching. Let’s say a decent splash – you can see in the video the amount The Roasted Berry Chefs used. Why vinegar? It keeps the whites together, plain and simple. It helps keep the egg altogether.

  5. Create your whirlpool

    Use a spoon or end of a wooden spoon to create a whirlpool in your boiling water. the centrifugal motion draws the egg white and yolk in on itself and is an integral part of creating that perfect round poached egg. You are nearly there!
    poached egg and avo on toast

  6. Slip and slide

    Take your egg in the cup or bowl and gently slide the egg into its own private spa bath.

  7. Three to Four minutes to poached egg perfection

    Timing is always tricky – but 3 – 4 minutes is always a good guide – it may vary depending on your saucepan and amount of water.

  8. Lift and dry

    This is where a slotted spoon is your saviour. Lift the poached egg gently out and drain onto some paper towel.

slotted spoons

Loved our easy egg poaching tips?

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