It’s time to meet Michelle

What Michelle doesn’t know about great events at Mingara just isn’t worth knowing! Michelle not only organises and books events but she runs the floor at our events too. When Michelle is booking an event for you, you can be certain she can see the full picture of how your event will run from start to finish. She always has your guests experience as her priority – making sure the event runs smoothly and brilliantly.

What has surprised you most about working with Mingara?

Mingara is such a diverse Club and offers a range of different options for training and development for current employees. I was originally brought on as an employee for Front of House duties in Bar and Events however since then have developed skills in The Roasted Berry, Indigo Eats, Treats and Bar, the gaming floor, and payout booth. Since being in this position I’ve been fortunate enough to receive several opportunities for further development and education. Mingara really focuses on the personal growth of employees within the company and provide the opportunity to develop skills in a variety of different environments and areas based on employee performance and interest.

The favourite event you have worked on?

Too difficult to pick just one considering each event I have been involved in has been so different to the next however if I were to choose it would be an 18th Birthday Party for a beautiful little girl who was originally given the life expectancy of 5. The level of commitment and dedication from her parents over the 8-month planning period, to ensure the event was memorable for all guests were incredible and I was so honoured to have been a part of that journey.
I always love a good live show or entertainment as well. The atmosphere a live shows creates between guests, staff and the Club as a whole is always a thrill.

What do you wish other people knew about Mingara?

The tremendous amount of work Mingara undertakes to give back to the community, whether this is through Club Grant funding, community projects and/or volunteer work. Over the last 10 years, Mingara has proudly contributed over $14.6 million in community grants to local charities, sporting groups and organisations which I believe isn’t that well recognised throughout the Central Coast community.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I come across as an outgoing and boisterous person although when put in front of a group of people to publicly speak, I am a nervous wreck.

What are exciting things happening in events these days?

The development that the Club is currently undergoing has created such hype and positivity. It will present a unique entrance and undeniably exceed the expectations of our members and guests when they arrive for their event. Going forward, the construction will continue throughout other areas of Club, including our Event’s Centre, which is exciting! The interior of the Event’s Centre will be designed and modernised to provide improved facilities to suit any style of event.

Favourite drink?

Alcoholic or…? Just kidding!
If it were possible, I would live off Watermelon Gatorades for the rest of my existence. I do also really enjoy a fresh juice from Wellness Cafe!

As an events person, what sorts of trends do you see?

I believe over the years people have become quite knowledgeable in using technology to benefit their events. Not only has the trend of mobile phones and social media become increasingly popular but the inclusion of multimedia links and attachments embedded into PowerPoint presentations allow for a more smooth-running event and keeps the attention of guests within the room. The use of videos, audio and collaborative group activities will engage guests for a longer period and can be used as a method of breaking up lengthy conferences or seminars.

Some common errors people make when booking events.

I believe one of the most common mistakes would be exceeding the capacity of our event spaces. As a client, you want to provide your guests with sufficient space to ensure they are going to feel comfortable and relaxed when attending a function. Underestimating numbers can lead to congestion in the room along with a lack of catering, leaving guests feeling awkward and hangry!
Look here at our Venue Information brochure which outlines the capacity and measurements of our event spaces.

How would someone describe you?

Reliable, motivated and such a people person. I love being able to have a joke with people, so I can often be perceived as relaxed.  I’m quite a perfectionist – I like to be well organised to avoid stressful situations. I’m always up for a challenging task or goal and 99% of the time I won’t give up until I’m completely satisfied.

What do you do when you aren’t working?

I’m currently enrolled in a Diploma of Event Management, therefore, am often studying most of the time. In saying that, I’m an expert procrastinator and would much rather an adventurous weekend camping and enjoying the outdoors.

Top 3 speakers you would love to hear from?

  1. Oprah Winfrey because…C’mon! Who wouldn’t want to hear from Oprah? In all seriousness, Oprah’s childhood and transformation into success is such an inspiring and encouraging story for those who have been affected by sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse. To have overcome past barriers to now being one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs who uses her charisma and confidence to influence other people is quite uplifting.
  2. Iva Davies. Icehouse recently performed at Mingara and after meeting Iva Davies I think it would be incredible to listen to his stories and how he became so successful.
  3. Kate Dundas who is the Executive Director of Performing Arts at Sydney Opera House. Kate carries the overall responsibility of delivering all performances, events and festivals on a large scale at the Sydney Opera House, a multipurpose venue with great cultural and historical significance. Her educational background, experience and knowledge would be very useful for aspiring Event Managers.

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