What is one of the final tests in Masterchef each year? The challenge is how to boil an egg…to perfection. Why do you ask? Boiling an egg is a science. Boiled egg timing is an art form.
If you love a boiled egg but the perfect yolk of not too runny and not too hard is eluding you, keep reading! The Roasted Berry shares their tips for how to boil an egg and also cracks open some myths about boiling the perfect egg.
Boiled egg and spoon

The older egg philosophy

Many boiled egg lovers avoid using their freshest eggs to boil as they believe it makes the egg more difficult to peel. The truth is that a fresh egg is no more difficult to peel. It all comes down to your peeling technique.
Run the eggs under cool water while peeling or peel them in a bowl of cool water. The porous nature of the shell enjoys the cool bath, making it easier for the shell to detach from the egg.

Room temp or fridge cooled

This debate centres on the increased likelihood that your egg will crack in the boiling water if they are not at room temperature.
The truth is that eggs crack for many reasons when boiling – they even crack when they bang into one another as the bubble away in the saucepan.
To minimise cracking, boil your water then bring it back to a simmer and then lower your eggs in gently and return to the boil.

Timed to perfection

Place the eggs in simmering water for 4 minutes for soft-boiled eggs.
Semi-firm yolks more your style? 5 minutes in simmering water.
Hard boiled eggs – simmer for a whole 8 minutes.
Note: Don’t forget to plunge your eggs into ice cooled water to stop the cooking process.

Vinegar fixes everything

Believe it. In the world of eggs, vinegar is king! The porous egg shell loves vinegar. It helps the egg cook and the white stay together. If you do happen to get a little crack – the vinegar helps the white stay together and inside your egg rather than leaking out into your boiling water!

Egg peeling 101

Overcooked eggs are difficult to peel. For best results peel eggs under cold running water or in a bowl of cold water. It helps to detach the shell. Oh… and be patient with it!

Eggs come in different sizes!

Cooking time will vary if you have extra large eggs, so you will have to adjust your cooking time up and down.
A boileg egg with soldiers

Random egg fact

Live at altitude?
Does anyone live at over 10,000 feet (maybe Heidi in the Swiss Alps)? It is pretty close to impossible to hard boil an egg at altitude!
Random fact – but, true.

Timing boiled eggs not your idea of a fun morning?

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