Have you ever wanted to learn how to grow Bonsai in Australia? Thought about what Bonsai is, how to grow bonsai or do you need to learn to take care of a Bonsai you have received as a special gift?  An ancient craft, Bonsai is simply a skill that can be learned and developed by those who are interested.

What is Bonsai?

To put it simply “bon-sai” is translated from Japanese to mean ” planted in a container”.
Bonsai originated as an art form from the Chinese Empire which involved creating miniature landscapes based upon an original. The more miniature the replication was the more magical it was. It was said that a Bonsai student could then focus on the magical properties to gain access to them.

Japanese Bonsai

Over 700 years ago the art form was imitated by the Japanese but with a focus on the distinctive Japanese style of growing individual trees. Bonsai as we know it today.

How to grow Bonsai

Bonsai is often thought to be difficult or requiring special skills. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you like trees, art, horticulture, gardening or nature’s beauty then drop by and join one of the Bonsai Society Central Coast meetings or events and learn how to produce, develop and maintain your own bonsai.
The Bonsai Society of the Central Coast can be found at Mingara Recreation Club holds its meetings, classes, displays, demonstrations and workshops in the “Legends Function Room”.
Evening meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month (7.30pm to 9.30pm) and involve a demonstration by a bonsai expert showing a different aspect of the art. Courses and seminars are run throughout the year. Additionally, regular workshops enable you to bring along a bonsai for guidance and advice.
Visit the Bonsai Society of Central Coast calendar of events and meetings here.
The friendly Bonsai Society encompasses a wide age group ranging from school age to retirees. Skill and experience levels extend from beginner to highly experienced. People of all ages and levels of experience are welcome to come along and enjoy their first meeting without the need to be a member of the Bonsai Society.
For more information about how to grow bonsai on the Central Coast click here.

The Bonsai Society of Central Coast

The Bonsai Society of the Central Coast aims to promote knowledge, enjoyment and satisfaction from the art of Bonsai.


In addition to their monthly meetings at Mingara Recreation Club, the society hosts a monthly competition providing the opportunity to display trees in Novice, Intermediate and Advanced levels and in four categories known as Kindergarten, Mini, Style, Kusamono and Suiseki.


The workshops are open for members and visitors. The three-hour workshops allow you to come and go if you need. Bring along some of your trees to work on, seek advice, opinions and guidance. Admission fees apply. Visit the website for details here.

Guest demonstrations

Five of the top Australian Bonsai artists are scheduled to conduct demonstrations and workshops in 2019. You must pre-pay your admission to these events.
The artists are:

Bonsai classes

Take a look at the calendar to find upcoming Stage 1 & Stage 2 bonsai classes.


Want to learn more about growing Bonsai in Australia. The Bonsai Society has a great selection of books, magazines and videos available for members to borrow to continue their learning about the art of bonsai at home.

What tools do I need to grow Bonsai?

Your everyday garden tools are not suited to the miniature world of Bonsai. You will require specific tools to grow, care and train your Bonsai. As your experience, skills and passion for Bonsai develop you may wish to start investing in some Japanese Bonsai tools – known equally for their high quality and price tag. Don’t panic – if you are just starting out you can begin with a few basic tools like a quality concave cutter and a standard shear.

Concave cutter

These are used for removing branches from the trunk. The aim is to achieve a deep, scar-free cut.


The tool for twig cutting, pruning smaller branches, roots and leaves.
As you progress you will begin to add to your collection of tools with a variety of cutters, shears, spatulas, rakes and knives.
Check out this great video on Bonsai Tools with thanks to Bonsai Empire.

The Bonsai Society of the Central Coast has bonsai supplies available for sale at the monthly meeting. Ask members for their top tips and the best places to buy Bonsai tools when starting out.

Visit the Bonsai Society of the Central Coast here.