The importance of Learn to Swim instruction in Australia can’t be understated. Living on the Central Coast, a love of all things aquatic is instilled at an early age. Unfortunately, many leave teaching children basic swim and survive skills until it is too late.
Each summer, the incidence of drowning in Australia is increasing at a terrifying rate. Introducing your children to learn to swim on the Central Coast with qualified Austswim instructors is truly giving your children a skill for life.

How to find a Learn to Swim program on the Central Coast

The Mingara Aquatics Learn to Swim program follows the Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive program. Our Learn to Swim instructors are carefully selected for their experience, interaction and communication with the children and for their passion for teaching children a skill for life.

Meet Debra from Mingara Aquatics

Deb standing poolside at Mingara Aquatics

Debra’s qualifications

  • Austswim Teacher of Water Safety
  • Austswim Teacher of Infants and Preschool
  • Austswim Access and Inclusion
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Primary School Teacher

Debra’s experience

  • Five years Learn to Swim instruction at Mingara Aquatics.

What do you love about helping kids learn to swim on the Central Coast?

  • Seeing children grow in confidence around water.
  • Watching babies laugh and play in the water.
  • Watching parents have fun with their kids.
  • That moment when you see it all come
    together and the children’s reactions when
    they realise they are swimming.

What is your favourite place to swim

on the Central Coast?Baby with pink cap and yellow goggles

  • Toowoon Bay – perfect for kids.

A tip for your first lesson.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Why do Learn to Swim on the Central Coast?

Lessons with the highly trained learn to swim instructors at Mingara Aquatics:

  • Encourage being water smart
  • Build water familiarisation and confidence in the water
  • Develop swimming technique and safety skills

Mum assisting baby to learn to back float in Learn to Swim

How do I know what level my child needs to enrol in for swimming lessons?

It is never too early to enrol children in a Learn to Swim program. Mingara Aquatics will happily provide a free assessment for any children over three to ensure they are enrolled in the correct swim level for their skill level. Children from the age of six months can commence parents and bubs classes.

Get started today.

Why wait? You can join swimming lessons at Mingara Aquatics at any time during the year.
Call on 02 4349 7821 or make an enquiry using the online form.

I’d like to teach Learn to Swim

Would you get a kick out of seeing kids learn life-long skills and a love of the water? Mingara Aquatics always welcomes new instructors or candidates looking to train to become a Learn to Swim instructor. For more information about any vacancies, please click here.  Or to learn more about becoming a Learn to Swim instructor please contact Mingara Aquatics 02 4349 7821.
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