If you have enjoyed a drink from our bar or spent time in the gym, you are likely to recognise Ryan’s familiar face. Ryan has been part of the Mingara family for close to ten years. He would describe himself as loud, full of energy, cheeky, outgoing and forgetful. These days, you will likely find him behind our bar with a cocktail shaker in hand.

Tell us about your career at Mingara

That is a fun one to answer! Can you believe I have been at Mingara for almost 10 years?!  I spent about eight years in the Mingara One gym and pool in a variety of different roles including gym floor instructor, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I have also enjoyed three months away in a Club Supervisor position at our Springwood Cub located in the Blue Mountains. Currently, I am the Bar Lead for both Legends Taphouse and Hadley’s which I am absolutely loving.

Speaking of the bar, what is your favourite drink?

I love trying new things, however I’ll always come back to a nice glass of Tempranillo or a Bourbon old-fashioned.                                                                  

What do you love about Mingara?

It’s a long list, however the main one for me is the community and the culture that we all create together here. Many people refer to Mingara as their “home away from home” and you always feel this whether you are a Member or a part of the team. I’ve always felt like the club and the team have invested so much energy for me for which I am so grateful and I feel very lucky that I can now do the same for my team!

What do you do for fun outside of work?

The ocean is my second home, my spirit animal is definitely a dolphin! I love to surf, walk the dogs, rock climb, skate, adventure and do market research on the weekends with friends haha! There’s always a new cocktail to be sampled…

 Quick facts about Ryan

  • I lived and worked in Texas Lions Summer Camp in San Antonio Texas
  • I can surf and skate in both Goofy and Natural stances. I am definitely more of a goof though!
  • I currently have a 1998 Camel Trophy Land Rover Defender (Big Car) in the UK that I need to collect and will travel around Australia in!
  • I’ve played so many sports over the years: Tee ball, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, Rugby League, Union, AFL, Netball, Indoor Cricket, Soccer, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Cricket, Golf, Dodgeball, Oz -Tag, Touch, and I also surf, wakeboard, skate, climb!
  • I am a huge fan of any animals; dogs have a special place in my heart however I did have two green tree frogs when I was younger.
  • My footy team is the Brisbane Broncos.

Ryan’s words of wisdom..

Surround yourself with amazing people that will help you grow. Be genuine with every action you take. You never grow up, you just learn from your mistakes. Don’t sweat the small stuff!