You don’t choose the swim parent life, the swim parent life chooses you!

Justine from Mingara Aquatics shares a glimpse into her #swimparent life!
Of all the sports your children could become involved in they choose one with early morning starts. They have also chosen one that provides them with a team environment while fostering individual pursuits. Squad swimmers develop great fitness, the skill to set goals, work towards goals and manage the highs and lows of a competitive sport. Their support crew and cheer squad are great and if you are a really lucky swim parent – your kids swim at a pool that has great coffee.

The early starts

Yep, we mean early. 4.30 am you are up and at it! Waking your kid or kids for their squad session. If you are lucky enough to have your kids aged 12 and over enrolled in swim squad at Mingara Aquatics then you have the chance to sneak in a quick workout at Mingara One Fitness. So grab your own swimmers and do your own laps or hop into your favourite activewear and make the most of the early starts. If your kids are under 12 then you need to stay poolside – bring your thermos, a book or a podcast and soak up some ‘me’ time that way. Once the kids are up and rolling they are generally on the move.

6 tips for nudging a sleeper inner out of bed

  • Insist on early nights, no matter how much they moan they will appreciate it at 4.30am having slept well
  • Try and keep all morning swim sessions consecutive so a small routine can be kept for their body clock – not always easy I know
  • Be vocal in telling them they are YOUR inspiration to exercise and how you strive to achieve their commitment – children love knowing their parents are proud of them
  • Try not to let the children hear you moaning about the early starts, monkey see monkey do!
  • Start looking at evening meal ideas that are healthy & promote an active lifestyle so they don’t wake feeling heavy with the wrong foods
  • Encourage lots of water drinking – swimmers sweat too and need to keep hydrated!

Need some workout inspiration?

Here is my idea of a little ‘me’ time in the gym.

  • 5K run
  • 10K bike ride
  • 100 squats
  • 25 press-ups (on my knees, I am not that good to do full ones!!)
  • 100 sit-ups on the killer machine, no idea what it’s called but it kills me every time!

If you need more quick workout inspiration head to the Mingara One Fitness blog or their YouTube or simply ask one of the trainers on the floor – they’ll whip up a quick workout for you!

The before school madness

If anyone has any tips for getting three kids out the door so that I can be at work by 8.30 am – I’d love to hear them! In our house chaos tends to reign.
Breakfast carnage is strewn through the kitchen – how can such small people create such chaos? Since when do teeth brushing and doing hair need to erupt into street fighter-style chaos? Amidst the chaos we wrangle lunches into school bags, library books, homework, add a baby bag into the mix, my work bag …add in a few false starts…back in for a drink bottle, my mobile phone…a favourite blanket and the school drop off begins.
I know I sound disorganised but yes – I do pack school lunches the night before and we organise our swim and gym bags ready for the morning.

5 great tips for prepping for morning madness

  • Lists!!  Yes I know I’m old fashioned but I love a list.  Write a list on a Sunday night of what to do each evening so you can check it off & don’t need to think about each day during the busy week
  • Pack and prepare as much as possible the evening before, lunches, swim bags, gym clothes, daycare bag, uniforms.. as much as possible get it all ready so the mornings are a little less crazy.
  • Set jobs for the children to do each morning, even little ones can get involved and used to the routine – my daughter loves putting the (plastic)cups away after breakfast. She feels involved.
  • With 2 children and 2 adults in my house all needing uniforms daily I spend 30 mins on a Sunday ironing the lot ready for the week, I HATE ironing but it makes life so much easier not having to do that midweek.
  • Plan for the school/daycare week events in advance.  I look at what each child has coming up that week and prepare any costumes, money, permissions slips etc that they need over the weekend so there’s not a last-minute rush on the morning of the event to turn your child into a sailor of the First Fleet!!!


Ah…the uninterrupted coffee – by uninterrupted I don’t mean it is not without interruption – maybe I’ll rename it too – kidfreecoffee. No one has asked me for their homework, their lunch, a drink. My work coffee is perhaps the most favourite of the day. I’m grateful – I enjoy my job, my colleagues and my day at work. Being busy makes me happy. All too quickly the day turns around and the swimming life kicks off again with another squad session. The warmth of the pool deck hits me – it’s a comforting sensation. The day is over and my boys slide happily into the lane to follow the black line and chase his swimming dreams.

Want your kids to join the Mingara Aquatics swim crew?

Are your kids showing a love of swimming or want more swim experience for nippers, fun or even general fitness? Don’t hesitate to call 4349 7821 or come in and visit the Mingara Aquatics team. We can quickly and easily organise an assessment and squad sessions for your family. We have the best aquatic facility on the Central Coast – and an experienced, qualified and friendly coaching team. We also have great barista made coffee available at the Wellness Cafe… that’s an important swim parent hack too!!