Christmas is a time of giving, family, friends and fun. It is important to remember that it can also be tiring, hectic and stressful. Before you reach for coffee and energy drinks for energy and a glass of wine and a few chocolates to unwind, it might be more beneficial to consider natural ways to reduce stress and boost energy.

Does this sound like you?

Are you struggling with energy? Do you feel tense and stressed? Do you want to feel vibrant, happy, healthy and able to tackle anything life throws your way – including all the last minute Christmas and New Years duties?

Steps to a clear mind and boost energy.

Chinese medicine has been dealing with the symptoms of stress and lack of vitality for thousands of years and thereby helping people maintain a tranquil health state. It is simply not enough to be disease free in Chinese medicine but rather wellness and disease prevention are viewed as a combination of a thriving body, clear mind and peaceful spirit. It is only when the body, mind and spirit are unified in balance that one can be considered as well.

Chinese medicine to reduce stress and increase energy.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine have shown to be an effective solution to treat stress, lack of energy, and muscle pain and tension associated with stress. Traditional Chinese medicine looks at the entire body as a working organism, taking into account external signs, symptoms, lifestyle, diet, and tongue and pulse diagnosis. It’s an ancient form of diagnosis and healing that has been used and its benefits proven for thousands of years.

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Aimee Vella is a Chinese Medical practitioner with over 14 years of experience and has training in one of China’s specialist hospitals. She has unique and gentle techniques which provide individualised and focused treatment strategies and techniques to help you manage your own health to bring about a more balanced healthy lifestyle.
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