Ever wondered what room set up would suit your event? The layout of the room and the seating arrangement helps set the tone and atmosphere for your event. The Mingara Events team can help you to consider how you want your guests, delegates or attendees to interact with one another and engage with your event.
Before you book your next event why not take the time to consider which layout will work best for your event.
The team at Mingara Events have put together a Quick Guide to Room Layouts for easy reference.

Quick Guide to Room Layouts


At Mingara Events, our banquet layout includes round tables of up to ten people. Banquet layout works best for events where you want people to sit at specific tables and is also popular for trivia nights and conferences where groups of people are working together.


While there is no singing with this layout, you are right if you imagined a person on stage. Round tables of up to eight people are set up and allow for a break in the seats to avoid attendees having their backs to the stage/front of the room. This works best for conference style events where the focus is on presentations and people being able to take notes easily without having to uncomfortably turn their chairs around. Cabaret layout also works well for events requiring attendees to work together in small groups.


Cocktail layout utilises high bar tables and a select number of stools. The majority of guests are standing in this layout allowing for free movement around the room. Cocktail setting is ideal for networking events.


As the name suggests, classroom layout is great for smaller, workshop and training type events where attendees are encouraged to take notes.  Classroom setting ensures everyone is facing the front of the room and allows for plenty of room for workbooks, ipads, laptops and notepads (yes, delegates do still like to use pen and paper).


Looking for loads of discussion to take place at your event. U-shape may be the layout for you, enabling an open floor plan whilst still enabling attendees to take notes and easily participate in the discussion.


Pay attention to the front. Theatre style seating works best for information based events where attendees are expected to listen to presentations and speakers without working through workbooks or taking lots of notes. Theatre style also allows for the greatest number of attendees.


Get your delegates ready to engage in group discussions with Boardroom setup. Perfect for allowing smaller groups of attendees to all sit on the same table and participate in discussions and workshops.

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