Get creative and make this Mother’s Day great!  

For all of us this year, Mother’s Day won’t be the same. 
Family traditions may be on hold, but remember, it’s only temporary and we have an opportunity this year to do something a little different to make it memorable. Social distancing is necessary to protect all of us, especially the elderly, which means our Grandma’s, so let’s do what we can to safely spoil our mums this year on Mother’s Day. We’ve put together a few suggestions to help you make sure your mum feels the love this Sunday.
Mums are magical, they are always there with open hearts, listening ears and unending time…yes, they always give us their timeMother’s Day is always a great occasion to celebrate our magnificent mums. 
It’s nice to stop for an entire day and focus on our gratitude towards them.  
Our mums are the first to ‘know’ when things are out of balance for us, they ‘know’ when we need a hug, they can see things in us that we often can’t see in ourselves.
We’ve put together our top 8 ways you can send your mum some virtual hugs, a socially distant surprise…a whole lot of laughs and love.

 1. Create a special box of her things you know she loves

Supermarkets are open and there are lots of goodies in there to create a box of special treats for your mum. This idea will work really well if your mum lives close by and you can deliver a box to her door. If not, it may be too late to post, but don’t let that deter you. You can still post your box knowing it won’t make it in time for Sunday, but you can call your mum on Mother’s Day and let her know there’s a special surprise coming…it will give her something to look forward to.
box of special things you know your mum loves could be created around a theme. 

  • Indulge mum with…chocolates, cookies, a bottle of wine and a Netflix gift card.
  • Relax with a box of shower gel, lotion, bath soak, a magazine, candles…even a pair of warm socks.
  • A box of ‘health’ might simply be a collection of her favourite fresh fruit and a bunch of happy flowers.

    Whatever theme you choose, your special box will be well received because it was created by you – especially for mum. 

2. Flowers

A delivery of happy flowers is a cheery and colourful way to let your mum know you’re thinking of her on Sunday.

  • Flower deliveries are easy to arrange by phone or online – check out a florist that delivers locally and nationally here. You still have time to arrange a flower delivery, however, be sure to check order deadlines.
  • A nice alternative is to create your own bouquet. If mum lives close by you can home deliver your own bunch. If you or your neighbours have flowers in the garden why not gather together a homemade bouquet. Natives and gum leaves are long-lasting and look fabulous too. Place them in a lovely jar decorated with ribbon or rope…the kids might even make some wrapping paper by creating lovely artwork. You could wrap your bouquet in the paper and tie with kitchen string.  

3. Create her a family Tik Tok dance or sing her favourite song

This is some fun for the whole family. Get together and create a Tik Tok dance using your mum’s favourite song as the backing track. Pick a theme, use props, makeup, get dressed up as you film your performance. At the start or finish of the video, you can record mum a special Mother’s Day messageThis will be something she’s bound to share and remember for a long time! We’re sure it will be the most unexpected and entertaining surprise this Mother’s Day. Who knows you and your mum might become the next Tik Tok sensation!

4. Send her an e-Card or deliver your message with a special Emoji

Express your love and gratitude to your mum with an e-card right to her smart device or Inbox. There’s plenty of apps around to help you create your own emoji to help you deliver your message. It’s fun and there’s no waiting on the post! She’ll receive it instantly.  You could get each family member to send their own e-card or emoji message throughout the day on Sunday to ensure mums day is filled with love from sunrise to sunset.  Download and share our Special Mother’s Day e-card here.

5. Invite mum to lunch

The good news is, if it’s safe to do so, you can have a safe socially distanced lunch at home with your mum. If you’re not up to cooking, many local cafes and restaurants are doing contactless delivery. It won’t be the same as heading out to your favourite restaurant and indulging in a multi-course breakfast or lunch but at least no one will be stuck in the kitchen for hours. Be sure to arrange your order early so you don’t miss out.  
You can even keep the kids busy at lunch with this colouring in page that they can show to Mum during the call. Download our Mother’s Day Colouring in Page here!
If mum doesn’t live locally, you could try a ‘virtual’ lunch via Zoom or Skype. Both these apps allow you to have multiple participants so you can invite the extended family to your virtual lunch.  

  • Create a beautiful table and leave a space for the laptop or iPad, so everyone can see the guests at your table.
  • Eat, chat and enjoy a toast together from the comfort of your own homes. It’s a lovely way to connect your family near and far to show mum how much everyone loves and appreciates her. 
  • To make this really special, each family should go to a similar effort in creating a meal extravaganza that they can showcase on the call. It’s great for conversation, especially homemade meals. You could even try your own Masterchef challenge and exchange recipes that have to be made and showcased during the virtual lunch. A fun way to show-off culinary skills and crown a family ‘Masterchef!

Don’t forget to make your mum the centre of attention with a special toast and kind words from everyone on the call. 

6. Give her the gift of an online class or gift voucher

Now more than ever there’s an abundance of online learning opportunities. A wonderful gift for your mum might be an online learning gift voucher. You could encourage your mum to pursue a dream she’s always had or give her the chance to try something new. Sometimes some gentle encouragement can unlock a new talent or give mum confidence she never knew she had.
There are so many options like:

  • photography,
  • knitting,
  • cooking,
  • drawing,
  • painting,
  • learning a musical instrument,
  • beauty and styling,
  • interior decoration…the sky is the limit. This could really inspire your mum and take her in new directions. What an amazing gift.  

7. Host a Family Trivia Night

 An entertaining way to bring the family together on Mother’s Day is to host a Family Trivia Night. It’s easily set up on video conferencing, like Zoom or Skype and once you have a go, you’ll probably wonder why you haven’t done it sooner! All it takes is a bit of organising in the lead-up. You’ll need one person to be the Leader or Host…perhaps Trivia Master!  This trustworthy person will need to collate 20 questions and answers about mum – she’ll be surely entertained by some of the answers from the family. The Q&As are kept in a safe but hidden space until it’s showtime. 
When everyone has joined the video call:

  • The Trivia Master introduces themselves and explains the rules.
  • He or she then creates teams and each one needs to nominate a team captain
  • Each team captain will need to have some paper and a pen ready (don’t forget to have a team name).
  • To play, the host reads out each question and each team whispers their answers to their team leader who will write them down.
  • The team with the most correct answers wins the trivia.
  • Decide on a prize for the winning team. Perhaps it could be as simple as who goes over to mum’s place first for mum’s cooking post-isolation.


8. Simply call mum on Mother’s Day

Ring ring – why don’t you give Mum a call? If our suggested ways to celebrate with your mum on Sunday aren’t possible, we know one thing that all mums simply love…ABBA…no…it’s simply a phone call.
Take time out of your morning to call your mum, wish her ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and have a chat. You could then surprise her later in the day and call again just to see how her day panned out. This simple gesture will most definitely fill her heart and let her know you’re thinking of her.  

A little love and kindness

With a little creative thinking, a little planning and input from the rest of the family, you can make sure Mother’s Day this year is memorable for your mum. We understand the absence of hugs and kisses this year can’t be replaced, but we can show our love in an abundance of other ways. It won’t matter how you decide to celebrate your mum on Mother’s Day, one thing that’s for sure is that she’ll appreciate your love and kindness no matter how big or small.