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Posted on 16 March, 2017 in Fitness & Wellbeing

Summer Sizzler Lord of the Rings

By Binns Rebecca

Lord of the Rings

Who will be the Lord of The Rings? Partner up for this Summer Sizzler challenge and work towards the top results below.



There is an eight minute cap on this workout.
Teams will perform four rounds of:

200m Run followed by,

8 x Box Jump Overs.


Max effort

In any remaining time;

Max Effort Toes To Rings or Hang Knee Raises.

Scoring: T2R = 5 points Hang Knee Raises = 1 point.


Who does what?

Each Person is to complete two rounds each.

Teams may decide how they want to split the rounds.

Toes To Rings & Hang Knee Raises can be done by any team member, in any order they wish.

Each T2R will be 5 points and each Hang Knee Raise will be worth 1 point.


Score to beat

Top female score:(326)

Top male score:(476

Top mixed score:(346)


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