In the 24 hours a day, seven days a week world of social media, there are no closures for Christmas. Your clients, consumers and shoppers still expect round the clock communication from you. This doesn’t mean you need to spend your Christmas break un-socially hunched over social media – here are five top tips to look after your social media this Christmas.
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1. Clean up your act

While everyone is busy cleaning up for the end of the year, invest some time in cleaning up your social media. Is it time for a password change, see who has access to your social media, perhaps look at limiting access to social media to only a few key personnel.
Are your business details correct? Could you use a new Instagram bio? Take the time to sort your images into albums. Review the last 12 months of pictures – are there any that are no longer representative of what your company has to offer?
Switch off messaging on Facebook for holidays, especially if no one will be around to respond to enquiries or set up an autoresponse message.

2. Check your branding

Is your correct logo on display as your profile picture? Consider editing it to something more suitably festive for the season or even change your cover photo to something seasonally relevant. (Be sure to change it back after the festive season – nothing says we don’t care more than a Santa hat sticking around after January!)

3. An eye for detail

Trading hours and days will fluctuate over the festive season. Make sure that your trading hours on Google, your website and Facebook are reflective of your holiday season trading. Make sure you post about your festive season trading hours as well – make it easy for everyone to find when you are open and when you are not. Consider including your website as a link in all your posts over the holiday season so that you train your customers to head to your site for more information to keep them in the know over the festive season. Make sure your website is up to date.

4. Stay on message

At a time of year when selfies and phones are at the ready celebrating Christmas parties, supplier events, lunches out, etc. it might be timely to remind staff what is social media worthy and relevant to your Likers and Followers. Yes- celebrate the fun of the festive season – but be on brand, be relevant, be professional!
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5. Be organised

You don’t need to spend Christmas on your social media accounts! Facebook has a brilliant scheduling facility. Be organised, schedule your posts in advance about trading hours, closures, Christmas offers and relevant messages. Savvy social media users will have December and January sorted so they can hit the ground running when they get back to work. Other social media management tools like HootSuite and Buffer enable you to manage all your social accounts from one convenient platform.
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