At this time of year not only do thoughts turn to plan the office Christmas party and getting the venue locked in but the dreaded “let’s get each other Christmas gifts this year” will be suggested. Before you head to Kmart for the nearest collection of Christmas gifts for under $10, check out our top Christmas gifts for co-workers! Christmas you say – yes Christmas – it’s coming faster and faster every year.
There is always one in the office – generally the one who has all the time in the world to trawl the internet and Westfield on the weekend searching for the most unique, quirky and humorous Christmas gifts. Never fear!

While the office Christmas Party is a hotly anticipated end of year event, new clothes to be bought, hair to be done, babysitters to be booked…the thought of purchasing a Christmas gift for a co-worker is more than daunting. It is hard enough if you like your co-workers – let alone if it is someone you don’t see eye to eye with. So whether it be Kris Kringle in a big office or just a little something for everyone in a small office environment, the team at Mingara Events have done some of the hard Christmas shopping yards for you.

Coffee makes everyone happy

Whether you like to drink it or not, coffee simply makes your co-workers happier people to be around. Why not congratulate them for being happier people and encourage their love of great coffee. Perhaps you could purchase a gift voucher for their favourite local coffee shop – a bit of a Christmas gift that keeps on giving for everyone. Or, channel your sustainable self and buy one of the many reusable keep cups that are in your budget range. Need help deciding – check out our review of keep cups here.
blue keep cup with pink lid

Get personal

So far we’ve had Milo, Tim Tams, Allen’s Lollies, Nutella and Vegemite all able to be personalised for gifts around Christmas time. These are top Christmas gifts for co-workers. Great stocking stuffers and Kris Kringle gifts. Who knows what we will see this Christmas but no doubt there will be some form of sweet stuff you can put your gift recipients name on. it’s personalised, tastes delicious and is a bit of fun. Can’t go wrong really! I mean really…who doesn’t like Nutella?

The gift of giving

We predict minimising waste and giving just for the sake of it will be pretty frowned upon in the era of the sustainable Christmas. Why not give the gift of charity for Christmas. Whether it be heading along to a Charity as an entire office as your gift to one another or using the money you would have used to purchase a throwaway gift – why not donate? World Vision even has a charity gift catalogue where you can choose to purchase items that will be donated to a community in need. From soccer balls to goats and chicken, ducks and water wells, one act of generosity can light up a life. What could be more in the Christmas spirit than that?

Get technical

It might sound lame but they will be appreciated. Think power bank chargers, blue tooth speakers and blue tooth headphones! They are the kind of items you won’t necessarily go out and buy for yourself but when someone gives them to you as a gift they always come in handy! These also won’t break the budget. If you have access to the company stationery order you may even be able to get them delivered from Officeworks!

Go green

Give a living gift. A beautiful indoor plant for your colleague’s desk. Depending on which plant, the benefits are endless – more oxygen, soothe paper cuts with aloe vera, how about some herbs to add to boring work lunches? It could also help in disguising a messy desk and beautify the office. Need help with finding the best plants to put in your office? Click here. Perfect even for the non-green thumb in every office.

Be inappropriate

The Inappropriate Gift Co have been filling our Facebook feed with inappropriate giggles for a few months now. It would be remiss of us not to include it in our top Christmas gifts for coworkers gift list. Explicit language advisory – there isn’t much that is PG on this site. Be wary of the suitability of this as an office gift – you will really need to know your audience with this one. If anything, just check out the website as some comic relief when you are online shopping one day! We don’t mind this notebook though.

Just bake..or don’t

Brownies, rocky road. Be the sought after Kris Kringle in the office, the bringer of baked goods, king or queen of sweet treats. Be it delicious brownies, rocky road, mud cake or mars bar slice or even a booze-soaked Christmas Cake. It truly is a great gift to spend time baking something, bringing that homemade factor to Kris Kringle. Not a baker – head to your local bakery and pick up some colourful macaroons packaged in a gorgeous gift box. Surely sugar makes everyone happy at Christmas.

Celebrate in style

The tea at Mingara Events have your office gifts sorted so why not let us organise your office Christmas Party – from barefoot bowls to lavish 3 course formal events. Check out the Mingara Events Christmas packages here.