Don’t forget – the first Sunday in September, Father’s Day. A day where golf ball-shaped soap, questionable ties and the World’s Best Dad coffee cup will be gift wrapped with care and presented with pride to mark the occasion. Before you head out and grab Dad another joke book, cricketer autobiography or 12th Man CD stop you might like to know a little more about the day you are celebrating.

Where did Father’s Day come from?

Father’s Day began in the USA when a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, inspired by the celebration of Mother’s Day campaigned for a day to celebrate all the wonderful Dad’s in the world. Sonora’s mother had died when Sonora was only young, leaving her father to raise their 6 children. Sonora suggested June 5, her own father’s birthday should be the day for Father’s Day – however, the Spokane Ministerial Alliance from her church chose the third Sunday in June.

Did you know:

The first-ever Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, Spokane, Washington in 1910; the tradition expanded across America and the world and the tradition evolved from there. The reason as to why Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji celebrate it in September is not certain. It is suggested that Australia heard of the Father’s Day tradition and did not want to wait a full year to be able to celebrate so decided to mark it on the first Sunday in September instead!

All Dad’s are different

That’s why we love them! So what does an Aussie Dad look like? Gone are the days of the beer swilling, football loving, stubby wearing dad. The stereotypical Australian Dad does not really exist anymore.
Did you know:

  • 1 in 5 Australians are Dads
  • There are 156,000 single-parent fathers
  • Approximately 144,000 Dads are stay at home Dads.
  • The average age of a Dad with a newborn is now 33
  • In 2012 Father’s Day was one of the most popular searched in Australia on Google!

Cuddly baby on Dads chest

Top tips for gifts for Dad

Beyond the home-made craft cards and ties and stereotypical hardware or auto store gift cards, Aussie families are trending towards showing their appreciation for Dads in different ways.
Dads on the Central Coast no doubt love indulging in (our tips):

  • Unhindered surf time followed by a coffee with their mates (yes, Dad’s love coffee too).
  • Brunch out with the family so no preparation or washing up is involved.
  • Participating in Charity fun runs and other Father’s Day events.
  • 18 holes on their favourite golf course
  • A Sunday afternoon snooze on the lounge – preferably after a lovely lunch and possibly a craft beer.
  • A cut-throat shave at the Barbers – pampering with a tinge of fear!
  • Late afternoon fishing at their favourite spot
  • Even more time surfing or at the driving range

…..and of course time with their loved ones!

We love you Dad!

So if this coming Father’s Day is your first Father’s Day or if it is your 50th be sure to enjoy the day and the time with your family.
Silly ties, dad jokes and soap on a rope are all compulsory.