Guest writer- Yazmin 

This week I’ve been on work experience at Mingara Recreation Club. Three other students from Berkeley Vale Campus have been working here at Mingara this week as well. Jacob with the construction team, Miles with the kitchen team and Danielle with the Central Coast Academy of Sport.

Work experience at Mingara has helped by giving me an opportunity to explore so much in just a week, I’ve experienced and learnt new things in new environments which will help me to figure out what I am interested in and what I would like to do in the future. I have gained and am still gaining important skills that I will need for when I join the workforce.
Work experience here is exciting and there are many areas you can be involved in, everyone here is nice and positive. I have experienced many areas of the workforce including, marketing, media, finance and events.
Take a behind the scenes look at where we have been working and what we have been doing.

Melbourne Cup Lunch

Tuesday 5 November I was lucky to have the opportunity to be involved in the Melbourne Cup Lunch event in The Show Room where I learnt about some of the requirements to organise a big event. The lunch had over 300 guests enjoying a buffet lunch and desserts and entertainment from Jelly Bean Jam. It was a big day and I was very lucky to see everything behind the scenes. I had so much fun from helping at the beginning of the day to assisting at the buffet to packing and setting up for upcoming events. I was tired but overall it was extremely fun!

Mingara in the community

Mingara proudly sponsors a kennel at the Central Coast Animal Care Facility. I was able to visit the facility with Mingara’s Sports and Community Manager Sarah Ferman, and I was able to take notes, take some photos and write and post a Facebook post for Mingara’s Facebook about the dog of the week in the Mingara kennel. Mingara’s support enables the kennel to feed and home the dogs in Kennel 1 for 12 months.

More recently I have been interviewing other students who are on work experience this week to write this blog for the Mingara website. I was able to learn about the different areas of work at Mingara and see what other students have been working on.
Meet the Year 10 students and read what they had to say about their time at Mingara

Meet Danielle – Central Coast Academy of Sport

Danielle is a smart girl who loves her sport. This week she completed her work experience at the Academy of Sport, seeing everything that goes on from a different perspective.

What have you been doing whilst on work experience?
“So far, I have been organising uniforms for different sporting programs, working with excel spreadsheets, taking photos for media and stock taking. I have gotten to see what goes on behind the scenes of some of these different programs and organisations.”
How has work experience at Mingara helped you?
“It’s given me an idea of what I want to do when I get older, I’ve learnt more about the workforce, met new people and gained new skills.”
What have you learnt about the workforce?
“You need to be organised, patient and understand that you learn new things every day. There are still new things for me to learn.”

Meet Miles – Catering

Miles plays rugby league for his local footy club and enjoys cooking. His work experience for the week has been over at Indigo – Eats, Treats and Bar, let’s hear how he went.
What have you learnt whilst on work experience?
“So far I’ve learnt how to properly prepare food and I’ve also been learning the correct safety requirements.”
What is some advice you would give to someone who has never done work experience before?
“Give it a go, it is really worth it and work experience is easy to organise.”
What is work experience?
“You get an experience of what it is really like in the workforce.”
Here are just one of the dishes Miles has created during this week and if you were at the Melbourne Cup Lunch you would have sampled some of his work too.

Meet Jacob – Construction

Jacob is a sporty teenage boy who has an interest in carpentry, his exciting work experience involved working with the Mingara contracted builders on a brand-new foyer.
Here’s what he had to say:

How would you describe work experience at Mingara?
“Awesome, I love it. I’ve definitely gotten to explore a pathway I want to pursue.”
What does work experience involve?
“Work experience involves hard work and getting involved. You learn skills that you will need in the future.”
What has been your favourite part?
“I’ve enjoyed working with my hands, I’ve been building, framing, painting and moving things for the new foyer”

Thinking about doing your own work experience?

For students at Berkeley Vale Campus this year, work experience was a compulsory part of year 10. It was an easy process with the help of teachers, we spoke to our teachers about a place of work experience based on our interests. Then we called our desired businesses and if available, off we went when the organised weeks came around!
Thanks to Mingara and the team for sharing their skills and experience with us.