You would not be alone if you admitted to being a fair-weather learn to swim participant. As the weather warms up our thoughts turn to days by the pool and surfing at the beach. Winter days are for football, netball and other much warmer sporting adventures…not so warm for the spectators though!
It is important not to forget the importance of having your children participate in Learn to Swim all year round. Don’t hold off until the weather is warmer, Learning to swim at Mingara Aquatics is the perfect all-year-round activity.  Check out Mingara Aquatics list of the top 7 reasons to learn to swim all year round.

1. Keep kids swim and survive skills up to date

C’mon you know you dread heading back to swimming lessons after a break in winter. The kids are generally a little sceptical about heading back to the water. They quickly lose water confidence after a break from the pool and may also struggle to pick up where they left off. Not only do their skill levels diminish without regular practice but their water safety and survival skills can be forgotten and it will take time to rebuild them. All of these skills can be built on during the colder months and truly embedded in your children swim safety DNA in time for peak swimming time!

Right when it hits that perfect pool or beach weather time of the year you will want them to be confident with their swim and survive skills. so that you to can enjoy your time together in and around water. Restarting after a few months off will see the kids only just be rebuilding their confidence and skill levels.

2. Sometimes routine is amazing!

This one is not just for the kids…all of a sudden the warmer weather looms and the grown-ups think – yikes – back to Learn to Swim! But where do you fit swimming lessons in amongst an already busy family’s timetable? The grown-ups have settled into a nice routine without Learn to Swim visits and are left scratching their heads as to where to find the time.
Kids may also get a shock at the thought of a return to Learn to Swim – ” huh? – what? – why? – we haven’t been to a pool in ages…my swimmers don’t fit…I need new goggles…but Sally is not in that class, that’s not my instructor!”

The continuation of year-round lessons firmly cements that swimming, learn to swim and the practice of safety and survival skills, a healthy respect for being in and around the water is not just an essential part of their lives but it becomes an integral part of the everyday rhythm and routine of their day to day being.
Mingara Aquatics offer Learn to Swim Lessons seven days a week – so hopefully, even the busiest of families can find a session to attend.

3. Nurture an active lifestyle.

Unfortunately, you can’t just switch your health and fitness on and off to suit the weather. Continuing Learn to Swim and swim fitness throughout the year encourages consistency when it comes to health and fitness. With consistency in Learn to Swim, the kids see greater results, develop their swim and survival skills and increase their fitness levels. When summer arrives kids that are consistent with their swimming through winter are ready and raring to go in the pool and around water.

4. But in summer they can just wear their towels!

Agreed! Turning up to learn to swim in your swimmers and just bundling the kids up in their towels and heading home is simpler. However, the positive benefits of swimming throughout the cooler months outweigh the extra time it may take to enjoy a warm shower and redress in warm trackies and a hoody and beanie.

5. We don’t do swimming lessons in winter as the kids get too sick.

Surprise – kids get sick in winter anyway!
Did your kids catch all the colds, flu and tummy bugs last winter? Unfortunately, Winter is renowned as the season for nasty bugs. Swimming, keeping active, fit and healthy supports the immune system to fight off any nasties over the cooler months.
Arriving at lessons in Winter – be sure to keep the kids warm – try not to have them swimming before the lesson starts so they don’t get too cool during the lesson.
Mingara Aquatics pools are all heated. Depending on what level your child is at, they will be in one of the three heated pools. After lessons be sure to give the kids a warm shower, dry them off and wrap them warmly. Bathrooms are fitted with hairdryers as well so dry off their hair, pop a beanie on and off you go. Warm and cosy.

6. Swimming is better with friends

Learn to Swim and Squad is a great way for kids and grown-ups to socialise. The kids will enjoy mixing with other kids at their swimming lessons and squad sessions each week. For those that come regularly, they will likely form some lasting bonds.
Grown-ups can enjoy a poolside cup of coffee picked up from the Wellness Café on the way into Mingara Aquatics and enjoy some grown-up chat.

7. Enjoy the benefits!

Mingara Aquatics offers a variety of Learn to Swim classes with progressions through to squad training in their three indoor heated pools.
Learn to Swim classes can commence from ages 6 months and above.  Baby lessons and some toddlers will keep warm in the hydrotherapy pool and then progress to the Leisure Pool ( which features a rapid and water jets for some after lesson fun) and then further progress into the 50m Olympic Pool (still heated).
A strong foundation in learning to swim will encourage kids to carry on swimming for fitness or for competitive reasons into squad-based training. Mingara Aquatics Head Coach Jen works hard to ensure squad swimmers are learning, enjoying and developing their techniques and fitness.

Check us out

Why not visit Mingara Aquatics for a casual visit with the family. Come and visit the complex, meet the staff, enjoy the facilities and even watch a few lessons. Enjoy a barista-made coffee or fresh juice and a light lunch or post-swim treat from the Wellness Café on the way out.