Join us for The Psychic and Alternative Fair on Sunday 21 April 2024 in the Events Centre. You can expect a great day out with over 100 attractions including Readers, Alternative Healings, Stalls, On-Stage Guests & Free Lectures.

Date | Sunday 21 April 2024

Time | 10am to 5pm

Entry | Adults $10, Children under 13 years FREE

Location | Mingara Events Centre

For all enquiries, please email the event organiser Joan Bennett, 0412 406 830, [email protected]



10am | Background Music

The Paki Brothers

11:00am | Rayleen Kable

Psychic medium, as seen on “Psychic TV International” and “Haunting Australia”

11:35am | Salt Space Yoga Studio

Chair Yoga

12 noon | Susan Penno

Singing Psychic Medium, Energy Healer & Teacher

12:30pm | Robert Nacson

Author, lecturer, intuitive energy healer and teacher.

1:15pm  | Ian Cameron

Master Palmist – your hands are the mirror of your soul

1.40pm | Rex Merrett – Urantia Book

Sold over 100,000 copies and translated into 16 languages since 1955

2pm | The Paki Bros

2.30pm | Florence King

Popular medium, who will converse with loved ones in spirit for the audience

3.20pm | The Paki Bros

3:45pm | Donna Young

Psychic Medium: Delivering clear messages of love and guidance to loved ones



11.00am | Kim Lansdowne-Walker – Medical herbalist, alchemist

12 noon | Marie Chandler – Discover how your biography is written all over your face

12.30pm | Katrina Heron – Clairvoyant, numerologist and twin flame reader

1.00pm | Danielle Thiele – Astrology Talk: Psychic and mediumship reading

1.30pm | Luda Ost – Psychic mediumship readings

3.00pm | Meg Evans – Tarot, oracle and crystal readings