The top 7 reasons pool squad swimming is so important for surf and nippers swimming.

Swimming in the surf and swimming in the pool competitively are two very different forms of swimming – ocean swimmers need to be able to kick high with high arms and often have their head out of the water so they spot the next can (or rescue patient) to swim to. However, without swim fitness and endurance, the difference in skills or style doesn’t matter. Endurance and swim fitness is developed through regular Squad swimming

1) Is your child competent in the water?
To be able to compete in carnivals 9 and 10-year-olds must be able to complete a 150m Open Water swim and by 11yrs this increases to 200m in Open Water. To be able to do this competently you would need to be able to comfortably swim further than this in still water, this would increase even more if you were wanting to be competitive.

2) Surf Clubs recommend it.

Surf Clubs highly recommend squad swimming to develop further fitness. By joining a squad it ensures that all swimmers are challenged, fit and learning more about swimming. It is also a great social activity for the kids to be involved in and parents can hop in a public lane too!

3) The ocean is not a place to learn to swim.

Nippers is not the environment for learning to swim. Nippers is about developing and practising essential surf life-saving skills such as CPR, First Aid, Surf Rescue skills and much more. Anyone looking to learn to swim should visit Mingara Aquatics for their Learn to Swim program – open to every age – even adults! Nippers looking to participate in the swim at nippers would benefit from the fun and fitness developed in a Squad swimming session. Find out more about squads here.

4) Swimming for every sport.

Swimming is a whole-body activity and has been shown to use over two-thirds of the total number of muscles in the body at any one time. The sheer magnitude of this and the co-ordination required to perform such complicated movements ensure that swimming as a complementary activity has a place in preparing for any sport.

5) Being in and around the water is dangerous.

This is even more pronounced when it comes to aquatic activities where there will always be an element of danger from the water itself. Regular participation in a structured Swimming program has been shown to provide benefits to all sports as well as general health and co-ordination and marked improvement in academic performance.

6) Be swim fit.

Swimming is a very effective Aerobic activity and as such provides a strong stimulus for the improvement of Cardio-Vascular capacity and developing of lung strength and capacity. These elements are extremely important in ensuring a child’s ability to enjoy and fully participate in aquatic sports

7) Swimming develops

Muscle Strength
Core stability
Cardio-Vascular Capacity
Controlled Breathing
Develops Lung Capacity
Improves co-ordination
Enhances Cross body skills
Improves Body Position and Body Control

Mingara Aquatics Squad Sessions
Mingara Aquatics Squad Training sessions are perfect for developing these skills. Mingara Aquatics are very supportive of the surf Nipper program and actively encourage parents and children to be involved with their local Surf Life Saving Club. The primary focus of the squad training program is on improving fitness, perfecting technique and providing a fun supportive environment for both recreational and competitive swimmers.

Ask us about Learn to Swim and Squad training today.

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