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new car tips & tricks

Owning a New Car – Tips & Tricks

How exciting is the feeling of owning a new car?!   Buying a new car is one of the most exciting experiences! Researching different makes and models, picking a colour, choosing extras, and the joy of seeing it ready to...
dad and son skateboarding

Top tips for Father's Day gifts

Don't forget - the first Sunday in September, Father’s Day. A day where golf ball-shaped soap, questionable ties and the World’s Best Dad coffee cup will be gift wrapped with care and presented with pride to mark the occasion. Before you head...

Quick Guide to Room Layouts

Ever wondered what room set up would suit your event? The layout of the room and the seating arrangement helps set the tone and atmosphere for your event. The Mingara Events team can help you to consider how you want...
Eggs in a carton on a wooden board

How to boil an egg and other eggy myths!

What is one of the final tests in Masterchef each year? The challenge is how to boil an egg…to perfection. Why do you ask? Boiling an egg is a science. Boiled egg timing is an art form. If you love...
Delicious yoghurt parfait ready to eat on the run

Mother's Day Breakfast

A yummy no cook breakfast recipe that all mums will look forward to their kids making. Easy to make, delicious to eat and fingers crossed minimal mess.
Anzac biscuits on a plate

Anzac Biscuits Recipe

What's the favourite style of Anzac Biscuit in your house? Crunchy or chewy? Follow this easy to make recipe for Anzac biscuits here.

Easter craft for kids

Check out three chocolate-free kids’ Easter activities here. These DIY Easter crafts are perfect sensory activities to keep kids and grown-ups happy this Easter!
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