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Mingara’s Christmas Under the Stars

  Take a look at some of these great Christmas Under the Stars memories from the last few years.

Our Story

Mingara is more than just a club, it is a monument to a group of ordinary but dedicated people who strived for and reached a goal to benefit their community. Back in the 1970s, the Central Coast was a relaxed...

Melbourne Cup Album 2020

All the fun was had right across Mingara on Tuesday 3 November. From our Indigo luncheon, to The Show Room, Dorian Mode on Piano outside, to the big screen playing Race 7 in The Lounge.  Mingara’s Melbourne Cup Day was...
Fitness & Wellbeing

How to sleep better

The team at Mingara One Fitness wants everyone to benefit from better sleep. To help you crack out the zeds, they've drawn on all their health and wellbeing knowledge to bring you this guide on how to sleep better.
Fitness & Wellbeing

Raw Bounty Coconut Slice

Yum! Raw Bounty Coconut Slice! The often underrated chocolate, coconut and condensed milk sweet treat. Quite often left till last in a box of Favourites - but their sweetness and sense of indulgence are not to be underestimated. If you love...
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