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The top 7 reasons pool squad swimming is so important

Nippers is not the environment for learning to swim. Nippers is about developing and practising essential surf life-saving skills such as CPR, First Aid, Surf Rescue skills and much more. Anyone looking to learn to swim should visit Mingara Aquatics for their Learn to Swim program – open to every age – even adults! Nippers looking to participate in the swim at nippers would benefit from the fun and fitness developed in a Squad swimming session. Find out more about squads here.
Fitness & Wellbeing

When I don’t want to exercise

Never miss a Monday We’ve all been there (probably more often than we would like to admit). The alarm goes off at 5 am on a Monday morning. You curse yesterday’s good intentions and the #neveramissamonday movement and hit the...
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Swim parent hacks

You don't choose the swim parent life, the swim parent life chooses you! Justine from Mingara Aquatics shares a glimpse into her #swimparent life! Of all the sports your children could become involved in they choose one with early morning...
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Parkrun on the Central Coast

Parkrun organises free, weekly, 5km timed runs all around the world - also on the Central Coast of Australia. These runs take place in parkland surroundings and people of every ability and age are encouraged to participate.

Talent Development in Sports Central Coast

The sun was shining for a wonderful Zone High School athletics carnival at Mingara Regional Athletics Centre 2019. Our Central Coast kids gave it their all representing their schools and local area with pride and great effort. Congratulations to all...
Fitness & Wellbeing

Body Scan

Every so often wouldn't it be great to get a really good picture of what is happening inside your body? How great would it be to really understand what shape and condition your body is in and to use the...
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